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Any coyote trappers???

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by bowaddict, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    Picked up my fifth this season this morning on a snare set. I started early season on a small property and got 4, but I stopped when gun season came in. Set out some snares and 4 dirthole sets Saturday morning. Was hoping to get a few more off this farm, but the yotes seemed to have moved LOL .
  2. I've caught several this season... had a dry spell early in the year and have had one again recently. I plan on reworking the line again later this week and stacking up several more in the next 10 days or so... we can't buy decent K-9 weather around here though. If I could get a freeze to stick for a week I would be in heaven, this freezing/thawing/raining/frosting crap is killing me.

    I've brought in around 25 with the traps... another 10 with the calls. Got some pretty unique ones this year but I plan on killing 20-30 more before the end of the month. This is the time of year I travel the state calling, fairly productive when I get into those big open areas and flat coyote country.










  3. Nice pics JRB!!!!!

  4. Thanks Al, here are a few more. Tacked on a few more kills with the rifle this week, trapline is about done.



  5. Jrbhunter.....those pics are awesome! I've never trapped anything before so that was a first for me to see 'yotes in the trap. I've been doing a lot of reading and research lately on calling/hunting yotes and bought a couple of calls last week. I haven't been out yet though. I saw many during deer season. I saw you PM'd another member earlier with some tips. When/if you get time I would appreciate any tips you could send my way for hunting early morning and after dark.

    Good huntin'.....treehugger
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]I dont take too many line pics of yotes, but here are a couple

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  7. Thanks for the pics bowaddict...I'll ask the same of you if have time:

    When/if you get time I would appreciate any tips you could send my way for hunting early morning and after dark.

  8. Trapping

    I have done some trapping using snares but not leg holds.
    What type of legholds do you use and what is the best way to use them.
    Meaning, setup, baiting etc.

    Appreciate any help.
  9. I use bridger #2's, reg. jaws, no modifications at all. I don't even dye them, just clean them real good and wax them . Once they start to rust a little I'll throw in a walnut or two on the final rinse boil. I use dirthole and scent post sets mainly. I use yote and red fox urine, Dobbins GL-40 , Lennons All call and Bawbreakers Coyote Special 200. I have also used with luck Carmans Pro-mix. I'll try to post some pictures, not sure if the others came thru as all I see are X's in my screen. Can you guys see the photo's??

    treehuger, what town you live in? You near Rochester??? I hunt mainly mornings, I start with a lone howl, just one long one, wait 2-3 minutes then follow with some rabbit distress calls. At night I like to call just before sundown, I use a series of challenge howls, usually 1 or two is all it takes. Last year I callled in 5 yotes, charging is more like it, with a single challenge howl. Coyotes are not always hungry, but they are always territorial.
  10. yes, we see pictures...great pictures of yotes in traps.

    i live just north of Terre Haute, out in the country...i hear 'em howling all the time. what kind of gun do you use on these critters? i've got a .22 rifle or 12 ga. shotgun. shopping around for a yote gun, what do you suggest?
  11. I would buy a .223, because of the cheap ammo, I use the Remington 45 grain hollow point. It doesnt' do too much damage if you hit em in the lungs like a deer, but if ya give em the ol' Kennedy shot it will waste the head. I shot one once in the shoulder ball, it smashed the ball and came out the front of the yote, you could put a 16 oz soda bottle in the exit hole. then I've shot them in the lungs and it comes out the size of a 12 gauge slug.

    you can also use your 12 gauge with a full choke, prefferably a turkey choke and some 00 buck shot, thats good to about 60 yards efficiently, any further and you might just wound them.

    I'd also pick up a Fox pro caller with remote, put it out 75 yards upwind of you , cause them yotes like to circle downwind.

    I got my .223 at Dicks Sporting for 265, it included a variable scope, its a single shot Rossi. You can spend more, but it depends on how much money you want to sink into it. So far that gun has killed a lot of critters, its a great varmit gun. I am confident with it out to 250 yards, but it will shoot farther. I don't have too many areas I can shoot that far without worrying about the ricocheting .

    Good luck, I know a guy around Attica, he says they got lots of yotes there, maybe we could meet up one morning and try calling. Let me know if your interested.

  12. Thanks for the info bowaddict. I bought an electronic call at Gander a week or so ago. I can't remember the name of it now, I'll check tonight when I get home...anyway its got the following on it: jack rabbit, cottontail rabbit, fawn bleat, yote pups howling, and yotes howling. it has a place to plug in an external speaker. thought I would get a speaker and speaker wire to place out away from me to do the calling. i also bought a mouse squeaker. I priced a single shot Rossi .223 last weekend from a local gun dealer. About $220, he may be able to do a little better on the price. Does not include scope. I would be very interested in getting together on a yote hunt to learn what its all about.

    PM me to discuss more details at some point in time.

  13. Great pics guys! It's neat the way the ground is tore up around the set. I guess if my foot was in a trap the ground would look like that too. ;)
  14. bowaddict...the call i have is a Cass Creek Predator. i haven't use it yet in the field but i'm partial to it's the same size as my TV remote. :biggrin:
  15. fight circle

    where the ground is torn up is the fight circle. You set the trap right away after you catch that one because the scent from the circle left by the yote draws them in. My buddy just trapped two yotes in the last week. I'm gonna call this weekend. Going to try some "dead coyote" T heavy shot in my turkey gun. My buddy that traps uses Hoosier Trapper lures.

    JRB, how many total so far this year? And is that normal? We saw a increase in the numbers this year and still plan to get quite a few. Were on the White River in Owen Co. so there seems to be an endless number of yotes.

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