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Any fish in Chain-O-lakes

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by alhersch, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all, i'm planning to be at Chain-O_Lakes this weekend for a reunion/camping, and I will be doing some fishin. Anybody have any good spots to try or at least which of the lakes to fish in? How about lures to throw? All I have is a little 12' Aluminum washtub w/ a trolling motor. The 15hp the neighbor has is a bit too much weight, or should I throw it on anyway... :biggrin: he he

    P.S. I'm to lazy to row very far...

    Thanks for any help,

  2. been a long time since i have fished up there...not really familiar with all the lakes particular names. but we used to have success trolling in 20 ft+ of water, usually out in the middle, with curly tailed grubs and beattle spins. white, yellow, and green being the colors of choice. we would usually limit out on crappie and even catch the occasional gill in this manner...good luck and i look forward to hearing a report from you! havent been up that way in sometime but am eyeballing it for an icefishing trip.

  3. leave gas motor at home trolling motors or oars only.some nice gills and bass i would say live bait will always do best sand lake and bowen i like best .
  4. Thanks

    Hey, thanks for the help guys! I appreciate any info, and will be happy to give any info about anything I know as well. Thanks, "psychobubba", I figured that out yesterday after looking on the DNR's website, but still wasn't quite shure. Guess i'll have to not be a lazy but, and row some. Thanks for the assurance...


  5. may be there my self this weekend . wife said fishing sound fun to her :fish: whooohoo fish on
  6. update

    I didn't have too good of luck this weekend, but then I had no idea where to start either. Did talk to some guys that had caught a whole stringer full of nice bass, but of course they were coming in when I was heading out at 6am... They were out all night, said they used pork rinds(however ya spell it). I caught a few sunfish, and a couple of small large mouth, all with worms. Didn't seem to wanna bite on anything else. Large mouth were in Sand Lake, and the sunfish were in weber lake were the fellers told me they caught all them bass.

    Good luck