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Any Great Lakes salmon nuts here?

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by bluedevil, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. If so Hello.;)

    Just thought I would give a heads up that a bunch of us Michiganders will be coming down to your neck of the woods in the spring.:yikes: Any and all would be more than welcome to join us, as we will be at(or near) Michigan City.

    Here is a link to more details if anyone is interested. I have personaly fished with most of these guys and they are a great bunch of fisherman.

    Oh ya, If you are boatless, dont worry, because there is usually a seat or two open and riders are welcome. I my self may have 1 or 2 seats available.
    Post here if you may be intersted and as spring gets closer, we can work out the details.:biggrin:
  2. That sounds like a great time and i'd love to be there. The lake is almost a 2 hour drive from where im from and I dont have a boat. We usally take a charter or 2 out every year, one in the summer and then one in the fall for big kings. Im familiar with Michigan City, i did a little nighttime shore fishing for Kings there this fall and i hear the steelehead fishing is fantastic there in the summer.

  3. Brad24,
    I personally have never fished out of Michigan City but have always wanted to. The rumers here in Michigan are that it can be a blast in early spring.

    I am pretty sure I will have a seat open on my boat and you would be more than welcome aboard.

    These outings are alot of fun. Tell your buddys about this site and maybe we can get a good turnout.
  4. Michigan City

    My goal this year is to get out on the big lake. I make several trips each year
    to so.Ind., sometimes Ludington,Mi or Hayward Wisc.We used to fish out by the lighthouse in the 50s and 60s for perch.I havn't fished Lake Michigan in over 30 years. I only live about 3 miles from the lighthouse. I never wanted to take my bass boat out there but I just traded for a 2005 Tracker Targa that I'll feel a little more comfortable with out there if its not to rough. I would like to meet some of you guys. People come from miles away to fish here I think Ill try it myself this year.
    ok I edited for spelling.there is probubly more wrong.I knowit. I can't spell.
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  5. That is a nice boat....congrats.:)

    Looking forward to maybe meeting you this spring. Hope you can make it.;)
  6. thanks, looking forward to it
  7. We have a Lake Midhigan Problem!!! I live in Indy and drive to Pastrick Marina so many times over the warmer months that I think the truck knows the way by itself. We are members of SU Indiana and fish all of their tournaments as well as some additional ones. The spring action is incredible for all species, and the fall can be unbeatable.

    If any of you guys are looking to or know of anyone looking to buy a Lake Michigan Fishing Machine, let me know. We have a 21' SmokerCraft Millentia that we are looking to sell so that we can upgrade to a new boat that I've already picked out. There are too many extras to list on this so have them contact for a full listing, pictures and a price at

    Thanks and remember that there are only 3.5 months until we are back on the water.
  8. Now THATS what I like to hear.:biggrin:

    You may find it more helpfull in selling your boat if you post it in the classified forums. It is free to advertise but the administration greatly appreciates a donation if the sale comes from the site. Here is the link to the calssified forums:

    Sounds like a really nice boat. I considered Smokercraft when I was in the market but oppted to go with Starcraft(got a good deal). What are you upgrading too?
  9. I have a SportCraft 252 Fisherman in my sights. The boat isn't officially listed for sale yet, so I have a little time to try and sell ours. If you have any fellow Michiganders that are looking, this boat is powered by a 150 Optimax, and has the new Smart Craft guages that allow you to adjust trolling speed in incriments of 10rpms with the touch pad system. No more messing with the throttle to try and get it just right. Let me know if you know of anyone, and I will get her listed over in the classifieds.
  10. Oh MAN, That would be sweet. Is it something that came on the boat or is it a aftermarket add-on? If it is an aftermarket product I would LOVE to know more about it. Do you have a link maybe??

    I have a couple buddys that my be in the market for a new/upgrade in the boat department, so I will have them take a look at your ad.
  11. Spring fishing out of Michigan City

    Hi guys, I live in Michigan City and can attest to the great fishing on the big lake in the spring. Usually the weather is the only thing that can stop t5he fishing. The perch run this past month or two (until the launch ramps iced up) was incredible. Limits of perch 12" or better and no other boats. The spring fishery will start as early as late Feb. depending on ice conditions. March and April excellent with coho, browns, and kings showing up. I have a Lund 1700 fisherman so I get on the water well before the charter boats do and the fishing can be hot. Jim
  12. Bludevil, the SmartCraft guages were an option that we ordered on the boat when we bought it new. I am not sure if it can be added to all merc engines, but here is a link that shows and talks about them

    Well I did a little reading, and they can't be retrofitted. Bummer!!! Let me know if any of your buddies are serious about upgrading. If they want to ask me any questions have them call me at 317-407-6052.
  13. Here's the detail on our motor

    I personally have never seen a 2-stroke that has always started on the first crank of the electric ignition system, trolls down to 550rpm without sputtering, and pops a boat out of the shoot instantly like this. If she gets sold, she will greatly be missed, but we need to get something with a head aboard for the women when we go out 17+ miles all day.
  14. Where you see spaces on the posted links, there are underscores _
  15. lip,
    Thanks for the info.;) Those Lunds are a really nice boat. Congrats. :) And welcome to the site.

    Thank you also for the info on the smart craft. I contacted my local Mercury dealer and they told me that they CAN be added but my motor was 1 year to old.:( I have a 2000 125hp. Guess I may just have to start saving my pennys and get an upgrade.:biggrin:

    I talked to my buddys and both of them decided not to upgrade this year. But I will keep my eyes and ears open for anyone looking to upgrade for ya.