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Any Luck at Muscatatuck?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by dirtyq, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Lucky enough to be drawn for opening day 12/9 archery hunt. Anybody have any good stories/tips to get me pumped before going. Thanks
  2. Don't shoot them all. I'll be there the day after you, so save a big buck for me.;)

  3. watch out for mechanical deer when scouting. i guy i worked with was caught on tape throwing rocks at one down there. NO CHIT! DNR was in an old barn about 200yds away laughing their butts off. told him to leave right before he went back to his truck for his gun.
  4. I'm drawn for Muzzleloader on 12/21. Been many times, I love hunting Muscatatuck and I've always been sucessful there. It's a great hunt.
  5. I will be there for the muzzleloader hunt on the 21st as well!;)
  6. hey guys i was drawn there about 3 years ago for opening daywith a muzzeloader.went down and scouted alot of sign and alot of deer were seen.itook my brother in law we got there early friday and put our stands in and settled in for some beer at applebees
    stayed at days inn for the night its not the holidayinn but it worked
    we both had deer down by 9am 2 bucks at that not anything to brag about in size did see a very nice 8 pointer taken scored in 140 or 150's
    the best place i found was all the to the back park at the T walk staight back the trail to the south you can't miss the trail it's at the end of the main road
    maybe 4 or 500 yards back there is another trail that goes west take it west to the end it is boarder on 2 sides of no hunting areas to the south is the river its not real thick but all the deer i saw that morning came off the no hunting area from the west it is a hike to get deer out but i would all most guarantee you will see deer the big buck was taken from this end of mascatatuk only to the east of the T i do suggest that you go down and place your stand the day before if you hunt opening day you are there with guys with archery and loaders a guy set up between us with a bow and couldn't get a shot at the deer my b inlaw got good luck if i can help ask
  7. Thanks a lot for the help buckhead. Can you place ladder stand etc. or are you only talking about climbers?
  8. any stand that won't mar the trees and you cannot trim trees that ladder will get heavy hiking into some of the areas