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Any Luck Yet

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Hetch Muncy, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I went out today and did'nt have any luck, I can't wait tll them suckers start poppin up but I did see a 6 foot black snake, scared the hell out of me......:yikes: Anyone had any luck yet?
  2. Haven't been out yet, but a guy at work brought in 5 black morels this past Tuesday.

  3. I'm going to try to go out Sunday morn if the weather cooperates. It's going to get back down into the high 50s next week here in Indianapolis. Should be good next weekend, I hope.
  4. Not been out yet, still too early up here I think. I started finding blacks last year around the 17th of April. Didnt start getting into the big messes until about a week and half later though.
  5. Usually find blacks right around my moms b-day April 15th.... I have the tell tale lilac bush in the yard, when it's bloomin - time to go shroomin!!!!!
  6. found 23 small grey one's over the weekend here in dubois co. heard of them really starting to find them in the strip pits in pike co. it has been in the 80's here til today...although the rain of last night may bring a few more up
  7. Found one small gray yesterday about an inch and a half tall.
  8. my cousin found around 20 small blacks on Monday around the Connersville area.
  9. With the weather today in Northeast Indiana I sure they will be up soon.:hide: I mean what is it out? Pushing 30? What happened to the good weather for April:dizzy:
  10. SORRY BUT YOU HAVE BEEN MISLED.......:whistle:

  11. At least there's a nice, refreshing breeze! :bash:

    Unless there's a rare morel named "frostus bitus maximus"....I think I won't start looking yet! :biggrin: