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Any one hunting these countys

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Soljahd, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Is there anyone out there Hunting Clark,Harrison,crawford, or Perry counties. If so how has the year been so far for you all. I'm a fist time deer hunter and must say I love it. Only wish I could have found the Buck I had shot.
  2. we all hunt those counties we all live there
    first never ask where someone hunts unless they want to offer that info or your in for a long misserable time on here gotit

  3. We can all understand you are excited about being new to hunting. There is a thing called patience, you just don't walk up to a woman and rip her pants down around her ankles and start going at it do ya? Same thing here my guess is that you're a young buck yourself probabbly not much older than 25. You have got to learn the art of finess. Find a buddy at work or at the bar or church or whereever it is you hang out that likes to hunt. Maybe you have family that hunts.Even better. But never try to find a "hot spot" on a website that is visited by thousands of other people. Nobody is gonna tell you this is where we get them every year. We have spent many years in the field to get to that point and its not fair for a "newbie" to want answers to questions that have taken some of us decades to learn the answers to. I remember being that exicited but remember slow down, shut up, and breathe deep. God gave us two eyes and one mouth so we can see twice as much as we say. Good luck and some day you will be having this talk to some other young man trying to horn in on your honey hole.
  4. The guy asked if anyone hunted those counties and how the season has been??? You guys should put a banner on this site that reads, "no new members need register, but if you must, don't try to talk to us about hunting."
    What exactly from his post made you believe he was trying to "horn in on your honey hole."
    You guys treat new people who come on here terrible, I'm surprised the owner puts up with it.
  5. do you wish to share with us all where we can help you hunt at your locale?
  6. I agree...let's take it easy, fellas...we're here to help. Derrick, I hunt Steuben, and the hunting up here has been pretty good. Sorry I can't help you with the counties you mentioned.
  7. just my opinion and we all know what their like. 1st off the guy wasn't asking any of you what personal farm you hunt or what area the place is in. it was a general question of a 3 county area and how you all were doing as far as deer go. i mean get real. takes in a lot of space. i mean talkin about a welcomeing commitee. i think a couple of you guys need to learn some manners.
  8. When I hunted Perry Co. near Derby I saw lots of small, spindly racked woods deer in Hoosier National. There were some big ones that I saw that were killed by hunters near the river and crop fields. TONS of deer and turkeys and that was 10 years ago. I think a lot of poaching goes on down there to. Hope this helps.

  9. Wait, so this isn't okay?
  10. Big time ditto on that... haven't seen anything like this on HH, bowsite or Woody's site...

    Soljahd - you're welcome on anytime... and here's a thread where you can post your question and not get jumped on...;f=1;t=002564

    You guys on here... good job welcoming the new guy... :bash:
  11. My spots

    BTW - I hunt in Tipton and Hamilton Counties... late standing corn and warm temps made for few daytime sightings during firearms... hoping for more movement starting this weekend and in muzzy season...

    OH NO.... I told soljahd where I hunt!!!!!!! :banghead3

    Reality is a harsh taskmistress...
  12. JKD, fill out your profile. Sorry, had to do that.:evilsmile
  13. Done... didn't realize it didn't capture on registering...

    BTW, Got relatives down your way in Franklin...
  14. Cool, glad you got a sense of humor. My office is in Franklin, I hunt mainly in Owen Co. Just lost my spot in Johnson Co.:banghead3 Read some of your posts on HH, sounds like you are a deer hunter.
  15. Been more of a deer hunter than a deer harvester this year... finally took a nice doe last Saturday evening to get some venison supplies rebuilt... wife and kids liked the sauteed tenderloin w/ baked potato and asparagus tuesday night... now if these bucks that have been leaving tracks all over the place would just start moving during the day, I might be able to give the ol' TC .54 sidelock a workout... :biggrin: