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Any other bunny chasers?

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Hope to see lots of floks get on board here. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other.

Been doing a little beagling now that the bird season is out. Went new year's day and got two. Spent the morning listening to the hounds talk to the bunnies. Cover is so heavy it was really an effort to find lanes to look for shots.

Poor little dogs, this was the first run of the year for them. They were whipped for the rest for the day. Took one of them out yesterday and after a couple fo chases got rained out.
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I've been wanting to take the dogs out the last few days but every time I think about it I've looked outside and its raining. I think I need to take up steelheading. When its warm and raining I think that should be a good time to go.
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