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Any Skam guys here?

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by quest32a, May 16, 2005.

  1. Anyone here spend time on the Joe or on some of the creeks of Lake Michigan chasing those summer runs? From what I have heard and seen here in Michigan they are just starting to show up.

    Here is a pic of my roomate holding up an 11lb Skam. His 1st steelhead of any kind ever.

  2. Quest, i never have fished for steelehead, but i was up at Michigan City back in March and April fishing for Coho from the shore. I dont have a boat so shore is all i can do. I was planning though to make a trip or two back up to MC to try for the steelhead. I have heard they can be caught up there off the pier, but there is usually quite a crowd.
  3. Brad,

    Get up to MC as soon as pssible. They were starting to come in last weekend with 20-30 caught on both Friday and Saturday off of the pier. At least that is what the DNR guy told us on Sunday morning as he checked our catch.

  4. Thanks suitcase. I seen a report last night that indicated they had started to move in. I might miss it, the earliest i can get up there is the july 4th weekend.
  5. Brad, you want to look for when the cold water comes in close. If it is near 70 degrees near shore you can normally count on pretty crummy fishing. But if you see a sudden drop to the high 50's or low 60's get your butt up there.

    Heres a link that i use for surface temps.
    Just click on the area you want to see. That should help you some.
  6. Sounds like most of the people are taking them very early in the morning, once the sun hits the water they bolt to deeper water. This has made me wonder how productive a possible night adventure out there would be? If the temp is right, i would think night would be a good time.