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Any St Joe river rats in here?

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Walleye----Steelhead?? Whats your passion. Just alittle longer.....This warm weather is driving me nuts...I am gonna get me a big walleye this year. Last year my biggest was 22 inchs. 3 that went 21 inchs. We had 1 in the paper here that a guy caught downtown Mishawaka 11lbs And I talked with the biologist that tags fish here and he told me he got a 10lb below the dam in South Bend.... (Both were last summer). The 11lb is gone to the taxidermy,,,,BUT the 10lb still swimms. I am gonna getem this year.

    Any others fish the St Joe?????? Tell me a story. I need a fix.:evilsmile
  2. I've fished the Joe several times, but have yet to catch a big 'eye there. When is the best time to go do you think??

  3. That is a good question. Some might say early spring. I think you can catch them all year. The biggest one I caught last year was in august on a 90 degree day right before sunset. But you can bet when the water starts to warm, they will be on the move upstream. I will be there waiting. What parts do you fish?
  4. I fished there with a friends about 4 years ago in March. I caught a few steelies and my buddy caught one 23" walleye. He fishes there constantly. He has caught a lot of big ones in the winter months. Apparently right now is a good time to get some of the giant sows.
  5. As a young adult I fished the St Joe for Steelheads several times a year for about 10 years. This was before the fish ladders were installed at Berrien Springs. We would go out of Shamrock Park and work our way towards the lake. I’ve got some great memories from that river.
  6. sb/ mishawaka fall run 2010/11

  7. moved back up here was in the army the last 7-8 years. got stuck working second shift so the only time i had to fish was from 11pm to 3am just had a great fall/ winter run havnt really figured out how to slow it down enough to get these eyes to eat caught almost all on jigs. had like 3 nights where i limited out and if you know this part of the river thats hard to do. you can check my album out the pics are from august 2010-present at
  8. St. Jo River

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the area, and have got around to making time to get the boat wet..

    can you suggest any good ramps to put, and actually have a shot at finding some fish?

    I've got a 16'V bottom, not maybe as ideal as a flat bottom..

    the only two places to put in are north and south of cleveland road at the west end of town by roseland.. looks pretty shallow?

    any advice would be appreciated..


  9. well i haven't ever fished the st joe yet i am planning on coming up for a few days during the skamania run next year.any suggestions on where to go and what to use.also any camping near there?
  10. Heading up to South Bend this week to do some fishing. Grew up fishing the Darden Road stretch, usually between the bridge there, and the Toll Road. Strictly fish from shore, usually have pretty darn good luck. Still looking for a Walleye and Catfish from this stretch. Never have problems catching Steelhead, Smallies, Rockies, and Gills.