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Anybody been fishing at Wyland in Tri-County or Loon in Whitley Co.

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by fire831, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Was wondering if anybody has tried for trout in Wyland at Tri-County F.W.A. lately or fished any of the other pond's. Also Loon Lake in Whitley Co. for musky. I'm wanting to go tomorrow but can't decide where I want to go. I heard the bass were hitting good at Summit Lake in central IN but like my buddy rico alway's tells me, go north young man, where the fish bite, and the mushrooms grow, and the game is in abundance. I have found that rico is right.:bowdown: Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Musky should be just about full spawn right now, so its possible to get skunked.. With that said I was fishing Musky on kuhn last weekend and had over 25 follows and 1 40" fish CPR'd(caught by Don Slagle of Hoosier Handmade Musky Baits on one of his Gliders). This time of year with the spawn going on it can really be hit or miss. Webster report from wednesday had Musky up shallow and mauling glide baits in a shad pattern(other colors were used, but shad had the action). If you hit Loon and move anything post a report..

  3. Thanks for the info musky fishin kevin. I have never caught a musky but can't wait until I do. As it turns out, me and a buddy are gonna fish at Salamonie spillway tomorrow and try for some walleye. Next week we will probably go up to his cottage on little barbee to work on there pontoon and do some fishing. Maybe i'll get lucky and tie into a musky there. We will be bass fishing mainly but I was told that was a good way to get a musky also. Thanks again.
  4. Decent amount of Musky hitting on Bass tackle. But make sure you got heavy line and some sort of a leader to avoid break-offs. Superlines like spider wire and power pro in at least 25lbs test or more should do the job(on Bass gear, go much heavier with musky gear like 65lbs or higher test for the superlines). All I ask is keep it out of the water as short a time as possible when you take the obligatory photo and quick measurement and let her swim.. The chain(or any of the other area musky lakes) have got the serious potential of becoming major trophy lakes. Tippy and Webster have both had several fish of 40lbs caught, with the largest being the current record(42lbs and change) and a couple reports of guys claiming to have caught the same or larger but released... If you make it down there and see a Tan Tuffy Rampage with a Blue 40HP Evinrude, that's me, feel free to stop and ask me how they are doing.. If you get bitten by the Musky Bug and need info on what kinda gear to start buying, let me know also. Webster Lake Musky has some things like Guide for a day where club members take some guys out for the day and show them some stuff, give pointers and stuff like that. Might be something to look into if you like. We have one of those coming up in april on the 30th. I think it may be full already, but if your interested give this link a look and the organizer(Chae) a call, its possible there may still be room. It costs $100 per adult, but the money goes back to the lakes via stocking later in the year, plus the cost of a regular guide is far higher then the $100 being charged. Ironically at least 1-2 guides will be particapating in this.. another guide for a day will take place in sept on the 17th..
  5. now come on fire831, i thought i had you hooked on panfish...;) teach him right kevin, he aint gonna be happy until he gets one of those muskies....:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
  6. Went to Salamonie spillway and caught nothing but rocks. Water flow was down to a trickle. Went to Simpson and caught nothing but moss.:banghead3 I guess i'll just have to get home from work in the morning and get my work done around the house, get the boat and things ready and go to the honey hole Sunday morning for some slabs.:fish::bouncy: I also must not forget to worship the fish gods while i'm up there.:bowdown: Also thanks for the info kevin.