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anybody excited about DST

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by urbanhunter, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Sunday night we will spring our clocks forward! i can't wait!! with the extra hour of daylight and with it being 3 weeks earlier than usual, spring should come earlier. i bet with the extra hour of daylight the earth will warm up faster and we will probably start seing mushrooms pop up 2 to 3 weeks earlier than usual. also, farmers should be able to get their crops in earlier and may even be able to pland second crops since we will have soo much more daylight than we used to. monday night, march 12, it won't get dark until 8pm!! there is something not right with that!!!
  2. Just becouse we change how we set the clocks, doesn't mean the sun shines any longer than it ever did before.

  3. yea i know, it was sarcasm. i'm just not very excited about it.
  4. LOL, you had me worried there for a minute.
    I like the extra hour in the evening to fish/hunt...mow grass:banghead3 :banghead3 . I'm not crazy about driving to work in the dark longer, makes it harder to dodge the deer. Scott created a deer haven by his Dad's place that, I have to keep alert driving by each and every morning so as not to "harvest" one early. Those deer seem to have the hots for the front of my Jeep.
  5. The only benefits I see with DST are that I can sleep in an extra hour during turkey season and I have an extra hour to bowhunt deer in the evenings after work in archery season.

    Other than that, I hate it. Regardless of what the clocks say, my circadian rhythm knows what time it really is, and I have a harder time getting out of bed.
  6. yea, i loved having an extra hour to bowhunt in the evenings after work last year, but i was always tired. seems like i could never get into a good sleeping pattern. i'd stay up later and get up earlier.
  7. as an IT professional I personally hate it and everything it stands for.
    While I had to make sure that every single computer has the correct update installed so the clocks will set themselves tomorrow my coworker spend about 1/3 of his life trying to make sure our servers would still function properly after the update was installed. ABFREAKINSURD. Oh about one corner of the state being on central time while the rest of us are on eastern?? So let me see if I have this right. Chicago is 3 hours away, new york city is 14 hours away, yet somehow I'm on the same clock as some latte sipping nancy in NYC?? Obviously geographically we should be on the same time as chicago and the rest of the midwest. The only positive I see is that when I go to a Sox game I get an extra hour of tailgating haha.
  8. Well, I do enjoy the change...Business wise it help me, if your not with New York you are an hour late. I like having time after work for friend, family and hunting!!
  9. I like the idea of having more daylight in the evenings, no problems with it here. It is very difficult to get enough rest though. Seems crazy to go to bed when it's still daylight outside. Don't we change time after midnight tonight (Saturday) and not Sunday night??? Now I am confused. :dizzy:
  10. The people who pushed so hard for this change were concerned about "Business". Changing on Saturday gives you a day to practice getting up. Don't want you to be late for work on Monday!

    I curious what affect this has on "Business". Surely anyone smart enough to be a "Business Man" is smart enough to check what time it is when he travels or calls on the phone. Perhaps it's the "Business Golf Meetings" that benefit.

    Leave the time alone....I don't care what time it is in NY or Chicago. If they are lucky enough to be on Indiana time, good for them.
  11. You must have a great job, my manager expects us to stay an extra hour, (oh never mind that you are coming in an hour earlier...)
    The local businesses dont adapt, the Drive in cant start the movie until 10:00, the beach / pool still close at 6pm.
    The only business (locally) that it benefits is the Golf courses, our execs can work until 6pm or so and still get in that round of golf...

    I'm not in favor of DST, Hope the next governor repeals it...
  12. 2AM Sunday morning.
  13. It's Great I Love It
    Just Bought A New Mower So I Can Get Out After Work And Play
  14. Well lets take a look at this from a business point of view.... Maybe I can somewhat educate you on the issue.

    As an example, if you run a sales, manufacturing, or shipping business on Central time and you sell or service customers east of that time zone, they are open a full hour before you do.. Now given that the largest concentration of our population is east of us, i.e... old central time, it would seem to be an advantage to be open for business when they are. Am I loosing yet.

    Smart business men do not need to wait until 5:00 to play golf. :coolgleam or go fishing, hunting, or other things related to being a "Business Man".

    I'm not sure what type of employment you have but I'll bet it needs to compete in the market place to keep you happy... If does not compete, its not here and you're not there.

    Any questions?
  15. Myself, I wish they would leave the time at one d*mm time and quit changing it.