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Anybody killing deer!!?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Alfsisaiah, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Been off an on surveying the site. Usually people put kill post up and i have seen very little. Let’s see em! Are you guys not seeing much. I shot a public buck November 3rd on first day of my vacation. Continued hunting and enjoying the outdoors But the action was very slow for the first ten days of November. Thoughts?

    Idk how to post pics or I would.
  2. You can upload the pics now right from your phone if you have the app. Switch upload to "direct image" and you should be good to go.

    This site seems dead this year, but it's slowly seemed to get that way over the last 2-3 years really. I asked Duyane just the other day if he had seen you yet this year since I hadn't seen you post here but he said he had not. Good to see you got one, would love to hear he story and see some pics.

  3. I’ll be calling him soon. Sitting in freezer now. Just moved so been busy.
  4. Found an over looked piece of public land. (I say overlooked because I have been hunting it for two years and somehow missed it after many hours of scouting and looking at maps). As soon as I found it I had to check it out day one I walked out there first evening of my rutcation as soon as I set up I text my friend and said I’m going to see a shooter tonight. It felt right but it was more of an observation sit. But I was down wind of a doe bedding area identifiable from Aerials. First deer I saw was this one came from 200 Yards scent checking the down wind side of bedding. Shot him at 10 Yards. 3 years in a row tagged out on first day of vacation on public land. Lucky skillful probably both. But I do put in the work. November 3rd was when this was
  5. Congratulations that’s a cool looking deer!
  6. Nice man! That things a tank. Hell of a deer for sure, congrats!

    I put in a few sits on public this year (I think the same land you hunt) but came out empty handed. I have a few private spots I can hunt that are too tempting come November to sit public, although it's a goal of mine soon to make that happen.
  7. It can be very frustrating at times. Definitely requires patience. I just got so sick of knocking on doors for so many years with people telling me to get lost. Or loose property to development. I lost just about every spot I’ve ever hunted over the past 10 years. Got so frustrating I just started Hunting public. At least nobody can take it away
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  8. Yeah I hear ya. I'm down to one small spot of family land and 200 acre spot but only get to bow hunt it the first 3 weeks of season so I've been debating public more and more. Plus I like the idea of a challenge.

    I scouted a lot of public last year just had a buck I needed to finish this year so stayed on the family land. I think I'll commit to it next year though, a public land buck sounds awfully tasty.
  9. Very nice Deer, unique.... great job getting him on public land! Sounds like your homework paid off!
  10. nice deer congrats!

    seen about 6 deer all too far away. yote came by the stand this morning for the last time though.

    i think most fishing/hunting sites have dried up a lot.
  11. Hell of a deer, congrats!

    I hear you one public land too. I couldn't count how many days and hours I've spent hunting public with little success but there is still something to that feeling of knowing it's as much yours as anyone else's.
  12. Public Land is awesome! I passed a 130" 8 that was just a stud on public property in Brookville 2 weekdns ago. Yea he's probably dead after this weekend but theres something to finding big bucks on public property. I just hope eventually all states turn to bow only. Talking about deer numbers well that will certainly help numbers. Nice Buck