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anybody recognize this brute?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by ddw, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. doe anyone recognize this??? found it on another indiana buck....looks awful familiar;)

  2. ITS BREW,, no wait its Brew's Bro......;) ;) ;)

  3. :bowdown: All hail the great buck!
  4. YES it LITTLE Brother my Hunting buddy and life long Freind...and one of the Top Deer Hunters in the State!!!!!:bowdown:
  5. i let it walk opening day of gun season...wasnt mature haha
  6. all jokes aside...its awesome that you are able to enjoy the outdoors with your brother...
    everyone of us should hope to be so lucky.
    congrats again on a great deer and the good fortune of having an outdoorsman brother.
  7. Brew
    How much for me to hold the mount when you get it done ?
    As i keep saying that thing keep growing, I have a photo of 30-30 on my office wall; I think I might have to replace it . We all have goals you know
  8. That is how us Southern Indiana boys bring it... Or at least how Brew brings it. :coolgleam
  9. Very Nice Buck Brew Congrats