Anyone Harvesting Squirrels?

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  1. I've been Squirrel Hunting several times on my place, harvesting around 12 so far, here in Central Kentucky. Wondering how the season was progressing up in my home state of Indiana? Before I was unfairly banned from "Hunting Indiana" I always participated each season, in Woody's Squirrel Hunting contest, which I really enjoyed. Sure miss it and some of the members I made friends with on Hunting Indiana. Have a very good mast crop this year; and Squirrels are most active up until 10:00 am, then activity slacks off. Nearly all Squirrels here are Grays, with very few Fox Squirrels, which I am use to hunting when I lived in Indiana.
  2. I havenever harvested a squirrel. Used to kill a bunch back in the day LOL. While reds are open yr round, I don't take any (even in problem places) until reg squirrel season is in. Even then I like to wait a bit, too hot n green (and buggy) for me to be out now. Swung by gunshop on way to dove hunt, picked up a used Leupold 2X for the Ruger 22/45 8".

  3. Our Squirrel season runs from August to the 28th of February. I like hunting Squirrels up to October, then after Deer firearm season, I then hunt them, mostly with my .22 rifle. I've even hunted them off my ladder stand, as then shots are directed toward the ground, as most are taken while they are on the ground. One good thing about late season Squirrel Season is NO BUGS! Most hunters use Dogs during our late season Squirrel Season too. I hunted yesterday morning and bagged three with my .410-3" as getting clear shots are hard, with a .22 rifle, with all the leaves still in place.
  4. 2 trips 5 squirrel in hand so far. unless im really jonesing for squirrel meat, i use a 22 in the head. deep frying some today along with some chicken of the woods mushroom i found last trip out. invited a buddy and his dad over to help eat it up. there was 4#s of shroom when i got done cleaning it. too much for even me to eat. lol
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  5. Spice up your tree rat procurement.........


    I used to use iron sights but my eyeballs got old. Handgun scopes are not my thing, can't do over 2X. Reddots might be the best way, but most are over 2 MOA. I had a 3 MOA on a Contender in .223 and the thing shot so well, that was too big an aimping point (that reddot on a .35 rem was ideal for deer IMHO, but arthritis had it buzz my sold it). Getting old aint for sissies. Man I miss that thing :(
  6. For slow greys and fox, pistol is fun. Pineys? Heck sometimes a rifle is too slow LOL.
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  7. Yes, after a 40 year break from it.....Will be going out late, after deer season, from now on....was 4 for 5, same day as got 4 that day in 2.5 hours, with the Marlin 995 .22 as I missed my first shot ....Almost forgot how good they are fried/browned in butter then simmered....Daughter and son-in law are I think 3 for 10 with their Ruger 10-22....Might go out one more time tomorrow or Wednesday...
  8. Went out yesterday and was 2 for 2....
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    It's been a slow year for me so far. Having fun with my .177 air gun and things are starting to pick up. The thing is deadly at 15-20 yards.
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  10. On the Squirrel Hunting forum on F.B. there is a lot of Squirrel Hunters that use Pellet rifles for Squirrel Hunting. I harvested my very first Fox Squirrel using a pellet rifle when I was 12 years old.