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Anyone heard of this scope?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Rowdy, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Rowdy


    I just bought a "BSA Deerhunter" scope at an estate auction. I have not heard of these scopes, are the any good?? It looks good and is clear. The power is 3X9X40.
  2. rowdy they have a websight. you could get some info there probably.

  3. A Kentucky Deer Hunting Friend of mine had one on his Winchester M-100 .308 rifle, one season. The last couple of season I noticed he changed scopes to a Redfield or Leupold scope. The BSA are made in China. I bought one for a .22 Rifle, and it was not very good quality so I bought a Weaver Rimfire scope.
  4. Depends

    FOr a shotgun or .22 it would work, don't expect to drive tacks at 400 yards with a rifle though.
  5. The BSA scope are not bad for a low cost scope. It will do OK at short ranges but you must keep them sited in
  6. Pass, there is better glass for the money!
  7. Ive got one,didnt want to go cheap but it did get ran over,yes gun attached,and its still ok on my sons 10-22 Ruger.Its been on that gun for 8 years. Yours may last years,just not on a high powered rifle.Ive learned my leason on scopes,I always buy Burris or Leopold.