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anyone hunt mallard roost?

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Wanting to try there this year during duck season. Just wandering if anyone goes there and has any info.

  2. You wouldn't like it there, no mowed lawns or pet ducks.
  3. hunted there several years ago only about two good places to set up but if you hit the timing right we did shoots some mallards there, pretty small area for geese thou but come freeze up they do land there if there is anybody else there better go somewhere else good luck!!!!
  4. Laughed my rear-end off on that one!
  5. Its outside Ligeonere,, Dragon :lol:
  6. Pigeon,

    Do you use any of those pink flamingo's in your decoy spread? Might want to pick them up quick, I read the company that makes those is closing the doors. Fad must be dying out.
  7. No pink ones, but we do use a white 1. Just a little more to make them feel safe. One time while we were hunting, the CO's came up the river in a boat checking everyone. He had a good laugh at it and took a pic of our spread before leaving.:bonk: He asked us whose yard we snatched it out of.
  8. Nice, and here I was only kidding:coco: