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Anyone up for a Coyote hunt?

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Here's the deal gentleman. I've been coyote hunting a couple of times. Had luck a couple of times, but never really got into it. However, the coyote population is absolutely rediculuous at my house and the surrounding areas. I have plenty of places to go, so if anyone if interested let me know. Believe me, we grow em big in Vigo Co.! We have a lot of blondes around, and I have seen a coal black yote as well.
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Joe, give me an idea how much property you have available to call and what the terrain looks like. I have hunted in Sullivan county and may be back up there NEXT weekend but they say if you get into northern Sullivan it gets thicker and has heavier cover. Where I hunt it is WIDE open. And I like WIDE open. :biggrin:

Give me some input on your territory and I will get back with you... I have been calling coyotes every weekend for a month and intend to do the same through March... we may be able to work something out. I try to plan trips well in advance so I can prepare and stratagize.... this weekend I'll be hunting in Hamilton, Tipton and Boone county so we'll see how fired up I am about calling open terrain coyotes when I return.
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Well, like I said, I'm in Vigo Co., so the terrain changes everytime you take a turn. I have permission in the river bottoms, which should be good on the higher ground right now. The area is old mine ground, so if you want open ground, you've got it. Northern Vigo has quite a few rolling hills, and large corn fields. The woods around my house are mainly thick hills and hollers. I live about three miles from the Illinois line, and there are some really big fields out there I have permission for on the Indiana side, and I've seen a lot of coyotes. One of the fields I deer hunt, on the opposite side has a small creek surrounded by thicket, which produces a lot of activity
Sounds like you have some decent territory to work a coyote in on... have these areas been called before?
Very little. A couple friends of mine hunt em around where I mentioned, but not the immediate area.

That is good if they haven't been pressured too badly. I use a variety of calls but I will stitch it up even more in areas that I know have been called before by other hunters. Sometimes a little different tone and a little different presentation will bring in a coyote that had lead fly over his head only hours before. It is good to have an understanding of how the coyotes are pressured... very much like whitetails.

In open country a hunter makes his stands about 1/4 mile apart, if the farms are large enough it is great to be able to travel down a fencerow, drainage ditch, riverbottom or woodline and make repeated stands.

If the properties are smaller you will usually only get one or two setups on that area. In thicker cover such as hardwoods or brushy fields you can tighten up your setups to 200-300 yards apart which doesn't require as much property. Morning setups are the most productive but nighttime and evening hunts will work as well... my theory is "It's better than sitting at home" so I am out there at all times.

I like to have a little understanding of the area and how it lays before I hunt it because it is just more efficient if I know where I am when daylight breaks on the first day of hunting. Tonight for example, I am traveling 3 hours north to hunt and will spend 4-5 hours surveying the farms we intend to hunt tomorrow morning. I will have a few good ideas for daylight setups and will have a general direction in mind for us to travel while calling before I go to sleep tonight... all of this is important to efficiently call predators in an area you don't know. At least it is for me!

If you are wanting to hunt these coyotes in a hurry the best I can do is January the 29th & 30th. After that it will be mid February before I can make it up there. I'd like to hunt with you and see some of that country, let me know if those dates will work... if not I'll put the word out and try to find a predator caller near you.
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I just realized that January 29th & 30th is next weekend. :banghead3

It's amazing how time flies... anyways I am still free because it is not highlighted on my calander. Let me know how your plans are, I'll either head that way or out to Jennings county for a couple days of hunting.
I'm actually going to be out of town on the 29th and 30th.... the one weekend I have plans. Whenever ya get a chance let me know. Besides next weekend, I don't have any plans.
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