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Anyone up for a round ?

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by dleslie217, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Any of the golfers out there interested in getting together sometime this summer for a golf outing ? Maybe we could set something up at a course in the Indy area, that would centralize it for everyone. Possibly play a best ball format or maybe even have a "Hoosier Cival War", golfers from the south vs. golfers from the north.
  2. I'm in...let me know!

  3. golf

    I am the date and time and I can help coordinate it!

  4. Never played golf but I will go join you for lunch if there is somewhere to fish.
  5. We got a foursome and a possible caddy.
  6. any time, any course

    14hc here, as far as you suckers know. Thank you very little. Dollar a hole.
    I like you betty.

  7. This isn't this Russia?
  8. Fishing??? There's always fishing on the golf course...I carry a rod/reel in my golf bag and have caught several bass between holes!!! Count me in...I'm on rook's team, he's a professional!!!
  9. Count me in

    Always up for some golf
  10. teams

    I'm on oldrook, indyarcher's team. Treehugger can make it a fourth. Shall we call it burial at Coffin, or the massacre at Riverside?
  11. Some of the biggest gills I have ever seen were on the golf course. Actually carried a 4 1/2 ft ultralite in my bag for awhile, and it turned out I hit it better than my threewood.
  12. Dleslie, Civil war, north versus the south! Now you're talkin!!! Golf to the death! Alright, as a northerner I think we should get strokes and I'll tell you why. 2 reasons, A) you got a cooler flag than us, and 3) you got a better song. "oh i wish I was in Hicksie, hooray, hooray". Now to throw the gauntlet down like a balky putter, hold on to your seats, I am bringing the beer! That's right, I am currently home brewing a nice brown ale which the Northern team will spray all over itself on the 18th greem in triumph, once again, over the south. ;)

    Whooooooo's wit me?
  13. Them thar's fightin' words!!! To Ale with the whole bunch of ya's!!!!! :bash:
  14. Looks like we are getting some interest in this, I've only played 2-3 different courses in the Indy area. Anyone know of a good course for an outing like this around Indy, looks like a good restaraunt and bar are going to be a must.