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anyone use a climber? and is so what kind?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by bowaddict, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. I bought a Summit Viper this last season, used it and harvested 3 deer. I got the one that raps around , I like it to set my bow or gun on, however it does block a shooting lane
  2. Yes, I use the Lone Wolf Sit and is so quiet and comfortable. It makes no sound going up or down the tree. This is the only climber I have ever owned or used. I had some hesitation on getting a climber due to back problems and not being familiar at all with climbers. I wish I had bought this thing years ago. I put the smack down on 4 deer out of it this year, hunted in places I normally could not have before due to having a climber. Before this season I was relegated to my ladder stand, blind hunting, or sitting behind a tree/brush pile. All have their place but my vote goes to the climber.


  3. bowaddict.......I have the same cimber as you do.
  4. I just bough a climer a couple weeks ago. All I have climes it the telephone pole in my front yard and found out what the little bungy cord is for and how usefull it could have been. I've never used one before and look forward to learning to use it this deer season.

  5. I have an API Grand Slam. I have used it for 4 years now and I find it to be the only way to hunt. Except for being heavy compared to most climbers, it is quiet and is very stiff with no twisting. I have spent many a day sleeping in total comfort. I can sit all day. I put a blind on it 2 years ago with many inside pockets and it easily holds all the crap that any hunter could want. The thing I like about it most is that I can move 30 yards or even to an area I hadn't scouted and am ready to hunt.

  6. I just picked up the new Summet 180 and its looks to be a great stand. It will allow me to have a comfortable position facing the tree or away. It has lots of room and lite as well....
  7. Thumbs up for the grand slam. Even though I havent used it in 4 years. Had a warren sweet before. It was a 2 piece and was crap. Made noise with eveymovement. Look for 1 piece construction. You will never go without 1 once you have used 1
  8. I have two of the API Grand Slams also. 1 is a lite and the other is the mag. I have had the lite for 7 years and the mag for 5 years. love them both.
  9. climber

    Summit Galiath rocks!!!!!!Of course I am 6'6" 280 so i need the room for my girth!!!!!!!!
  10. summit vipor

    i have a summit vipor i've used for the last 2 yrs. easy to pack in and very reliable. still like to be strapped in though. it's very comfertable for long sits. the only thing i think they could improve on is the cable coating. i bought some of those adapters for your foot placement and it's even better. i've never been sorry for buying it. :chillin:
  11. I have the API Grand Slam Bowhunter. I have had this one a few seasons and really like it. I can put it on the tree and be ready to hunt in no time. A buddy of mine says he would never have one because of the open front. He is a bit scared of heights though. :gaga: lol I use a bow hanger that screws into the tree for my bow. I could see where the bar across the front would be good for resting a gun. But then again, it is called a "Bowhunter" stand. :biggrin:
  12. lone wolf alpha hand climber

    See lone wolf. Patented silent cast aluminum. I've had one long enough to get new belts and upgrade seat, etc. It is pretty much silent and blends in well. It can't be leveled when in the stand. It sets up faster and climbs faster than anything I've tried. The major drawback is that it isn't extremely comfortable, but it makes you stay alert more. Fold the seat down, stand, and lean back on the tree and you are pretty much invisible. It's also expensive due to the construction. Mine has shown no signs of wear and I have had it at least 5 years and use it 50% of the time I hunt off the ground (a lot).
  13. Another Summit Viper owner and lover here. I also have an old Loggy Bayou that I don't much care for. The Viper is a great stand.
  14. Summit Viper owner and lover:bowdown: here too. i got mine the day they came out have tried others they dont stack up ,i always go back to the summit ,ps have a tree lounge for sell if any one want s one
  15. Viper And Loggy

    I Use Two Based On The Time I Will Be Hunting, How Far I Have To Walk, Ect.. I Have A Summit Viper For Those All Day Stands. You Cant Beat It For Comfort. I Found The Seat Foam Fold Up Seat A Little Bulky And Cumbersome, So I Modifiyed It By Removing The Foam. Get The Foot Rest, It Makes All The Difference.

    The Second Is An Older Style One Piece Loggy Bayou. I Use It For Those Short Hunts, Or Those Run And Gun Days, Where I Need Quick Mobility. It Is Very Light And Stable. Only Drawback Is That You Have To Hug The Tree To Climb. Not Bad When You Get Used To It, The Weight Savings Is Worth It.