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  1. anyone fish any where around rensselaer?kinda new round here and don't have many places to fish.even if I did I'm not to familiar with alot of the species here.any advice,locations?
  2. I have never fished it but I hear the Kankakee river has some great fishing, Willow Slough has been killed off and restocked and will probably be tremendous in the future. There are a number of lakes up toward Laporte that have good fishing and Salt Creek just to the north has a steelhead run.:)

  3. i've fished the kankakee a few times,a couple farm ponds and that's about it.
    any one get lonely fishing round here give me a holler.
  4. I know this gets asked alot, but when does Willow Slough open up again? I heard it was all release. That's not far from Rennsalear.
  5. it's open now.

    no keepers,just stocked.
  6. I like bass fishing, my advise is go to any neighborhood, golf course, retention pond available. Some are posted to keep out but those that arent are fair game in my book. Here is a little method I use: Find a housing addition thats at least 7-8 years old, most of these houses bored rich golfers that could care less who is fishing. Find an empty house for sale and fish that back yard. If anyone says anything to you say that you are testing out the fishing and deciding if this is the house for you. 99 times out of 100 nobody will say anything and sometimes when its hot, little old ladies will bring you something to drink. Then theres that 1 time out of a hundred someone says leave or a dog bites you in the ass. I say the odds are in your favor.
  7. naw I like to get away from houses and people when I go fishing.and I'd rather have permission.retention ponds,golf courses....they all scare me when it comes to chemicals that are in the water.not that I would keep and eat but you never know.
  8. fishing deep lake or river in atica

    i work at the horseshoe casino in hammong...lived in s.x. florida for the last 23 years...i am looking forward to fishing again in the spring...a guy told me about this deep river in attica,,,any good?
  9. Heck, if at Horseshoe casino just cross the street(actually think its down the road a bit, but very, Wolf lake is a fantastic Fishery, walleye, Northern, Largemouth and smallmouth, occasional Musky(not many, but some are there, was only stocked once with natural musky around 2000 and prior to that with Tigers,very few if any at all left of Tigers)... all I ask is if you catch a Musky please release it as this lake has the potential to have some nice fish eventually if we give it time...
  10. I love to fish for the big, mean, toothy critters. I have been to the Northwest Territory a couple of times on fly-in trophy catch and release fishing trips for northerns and lakers and to Lake of the Woods in Canada. I wasn't aware that Indiana had very many fishing opportunities for northerns or muskies until recently. I've caught a few muskies while bass fishing at Lake Shelbyville near Effingham, IL. I am really interested in finding out more about the northern and muskie fishing in Indiana...can anyone fill me in on where to go for these toothy critters and what kind of sizes can be expected? We were onto lots of 36" - 44" northerns this summer up north. I think the biggest was around 48" in our group. Tell me more about Indiana northerns and muskies!!! :help:

  11. what would you like to know? Lots of lakes in indiana with Musky in them now. Kosciusko County area lakes will give you your best chance for fish 36-44". Barbee lakes, a 850 acre 7 lake chain has been stocked since '98. Tippecanoe and its two other connected lakes, James and Oswego,(1133acres total for the 3), has held the last two state records. Tippy might be your best shot at a very large fish. Then there is Webster, 6 fish per acre your chance of catching a fish is pretty good, Webster including its Backwater Lake area is around 770acres give or take. Backwaters is a very shallow area use care if you spend time back there. Thats 11 lakes total less then 5 miles from each other and all are technically connected via the Tippy River and Grassy Creek. Shoot me a pm if you want more info... Pike lakes I am not as familar with. Wolf that I mentioned in my post above has both Pike and Musky, and used to have Tiger Musky(Tiger population may be gone by now, if any are left they would be pretty big I would think). Wawasee is one of the better Pike lakes in the state I have heard..

    Bruce near Rochester(I think) has just started getting stocked with Musky within last 5 years or so I think. Pictures at bait shop near launch show some fish in the 40-45" class having been caught. Like I said, PM me if you;d like more info...
  12. Thanks MFK! I appreciate the info. I didn't realize Indiana had that much opportunity for Muskie...are you guys keeping that a secret up there??? :biggrin: I found on another website that Bass Lake (Dugger Unit) in the Greene Sullivan State Forest area has been stocked with Muskie. I'm about an hour or so north of that site and may have to give it a go. Is ice out/spring the best time for the Muskie??? :fish:

  13. sorry haven't replied sooner... been pretty busy since new Bass has some decent ski's in it, have heard of some up to maybe around 40" getting caught.. Spring and fall amy be the safest time to fish for them there as summer water temps may get a bit too hot... The fish can get stressed a bit in warmer water over 80-85degrees and may not release well. If you do fish in the summer it is best to handle the fish as little as possible prior to release and not play it a lot, get it in relatively quick and water release it, not taking it out for pictures...
  14. Musky Madness

    Nice fish Kevin!!!:fish:
  15. Thanks, it was only 38" long, but fat as he...uhh..heck... giant head on it too.. she's gonna be a big girl when she grows up... hopefully all that catch her keep on with the release...Heaviest Musky I have caught, yet solid 4.5" shorter then longest... I think they are eating good in Indiana