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Apologies to Dean

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by JL, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Since Dean feels that no one has formally or rightfully apologized to him for what he thinks is "bashing," I will go ahead and start one, per Dean's suggestion.

    -I am sorry, Dean, that you had to intellectually battle the OBR haters. Look for OBR to leave us within the next year. Thanks, Dean.
    -I am sorry, Dean, that you don't have any friends on this site, with the exception of CNS.
    -I am sorry, Dean, that you have posted soooooo much and really never said anything.
    -I am sorry, Dean, about you and that ski bunny.
    -I am sorry, Dean, that you aren't as good looking as Bo thinks you are.
    -I am sorry, Dean, that you get so tired when you score deer (hence the 1 buck scored by you at the sport show).
    -I am sorry, Dean, that I didn't start this thread earlier.

    Jump in here and apologize to Dean you guys.
  2. :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: !!!!!!

  3. I am sorry,dean, that I posted all them chickens in the chat room a few nights back. Jl made me do it!
  4. Hey man forgive me for even thinking what I am thinking.
  5. Finally, an outlet for all this guilt...the sleepless nights may come to an end...I feel cleansed....

    I do however fear a relapse could be in my future.
  6. Apology number....oh shoot, I've lost count...

    Sorry Deano for my last trip to your dumpster (just thought i'd get this part out of the way)!!!:gaga:
  7. Yo Dean

    Forgive me it’s been some time since my last confession.

    This apology is to cover the Shrink Photo, any comments regarding your Mother and the Camo Cow. That should catch me up for awhile.
  8. I had long forgotten about the "Dean, I apologize...." thread. You guys sure have "beaten" me up emotionally over the last several months. :(
    I'll accept the apology for the comments about me, my mom (dear 'ol Mom), and Frued. I know that you were merely trying (key word, there) to make a funny for everyone. Ha,ha...stupid!!!!

    The more I think about being behind you inside a costume with a gun...the more I think maybe I'll GLADLY join in this ruse to help you shoot a "buck". Count me in Birdbrains!!!!!!!! I'll do "anything" to help you get that buck......Quail!!!

    Apologies accepted!!!! Now, will you get rid of the damn picture?
  9. I knew the plan would start go grow on'll make Mike Hanback's sneaky hunting tricks story I bet too!
  10. If it doesn't make the "sneaky" list, I'll bet it will make the "twisted, morbid, and sinister" list ....:evilsmile !!!!!