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APPERANCE Enhancing Drugs

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by anon782010, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. The Ohio Amish Monster Buck was minerally supplemented.

    How far away is that headline from this one?

    Barry Bonds within 22 Home Runs of Hank Aaron.

    Are we getting to the point that deer of record caliber are going to be needed to be drug tested, checked for various levels in their body to assure that the deer was, indeed, natural?

    Food plots are one thing, but large amounts of mineral supplements designed to grow antlers, not neccesarily make healthier deer is completely another.

    To stick with the baseball reference, and food plot consisting of naturally occuring plants, trees and browse seems to me to be like Julio Lugo and his strict diet and workout plan. He is doing the best he can with natural things. So too is the deer that is eating native, naturally occuring plants, planted and maintained by a landowner.

    They say 500 homeruns doesn't mean what it used to. Is the same true for 125'' and 160''?
  2. got any proof of this ????:16suspect :16suspect

  3. Deer get minerals from the soil in a lot of places. If you hunt in areas where cattle are present, the deer eat the mineral blocks put out for the cows. I'm not so sure that the "lucky buck" mineral is what caused that buck to grow so large, I would lean towards age and genetics. Sounds like a bunch of bs to me.
  4. JL, thanks for providing the link, I should have done that myself.

    Of course the minerals in those blocks are naturally occuring minerals, but so is testosterone, and that is all steroids are, synthetics of naturally occuring substances.

    My goal is not to discredit this deer, it obviously had alot of things going for it other than the mineral blocks.

    I was just curious if anyone else thought that, as we move forward with technology this was something that they thought could get out of control.
  5. Something to think about????
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  6. If and If its true ....Its all legal!!! just cant hunt over it!!!
  7. What's the differences of hunting over a mineral block or a food plot. I think we went through this before. Both of these things are use to bring deer to one spot. So does Tink's 69 and Mrs. Doe Pee and so does a deer decoy. So all of this should not be used. I have talked to people who have only a 1/4 acre food plot and they have two stands around it.. If food plot are OK to plant then let make a law so you can't hunt over them. There is a lot of hunters that do not have land to plant food plots put have a spot to hunt so they put a salt block out. SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?
  8. I'm not trying to discuss the baiting part of the situation.

    But, if a company were to make some sort of Antler Steroid, then what?
  9. I saw a commercial last night that featured the Amish Buck. It was confirmed that the area was using the product Lucky Buck. On the other hand if you were selling a product you would want to promote such a thing to sale more product. Who knows for sure. I've always said that these types of products, food plots, etc. is baiting IMO. I've also asked is there going to be a category in the record books for mineral/steroid induced bucks??? Dean just laughed at me. Think about it.
  10. Lest go back to the Roger Maris days and put an *next to the score in the record books for deer that have been chemicaly enhanced.
  11. No, I didn't laugh at you Randy.......I respect your take on these issues, and you know this.

    I don't think that you can put deer urine in the same category as a food bait, nor do I feel that food plots are "bait" either. If so, then so are soybeans, corn, alfalfa, apples, acorns, etc. I know that some folks are against minerals, but Barry Bonds wasn't eating vitamins either. Barry was jacking "dope" to get huge....he wasn't eating vitamins and minerals. These "chemicals" are in different categories I'm afraid.
    And, does anyone know for a fact that the giant buck in question was really eating the minerals in the first place? I agree with Eric on this one...I'm guessing that the buck was an outstanding specimen with monstrous antler genetics. I'm not against providing minerals to ALL deer in the me, it's part of managing your herd. I have yet to harvest any buck that may have benefitted from any mineral supplements. What about the monster typical shot in the same county only days and mere miles away? There is nothing stating that this buck was "chemically" enhanced. It net scored just over 196" and was shot around 10 miles from the Amish buck. Sounds to me like Adams County, Ohio might just have some sweet buck genetics. And really, don't discount the ultimate big buck axiom:age.

    What I do have a problem with is people just claiming (I'm not saying that the amish hunter did this either...) they used a product in exchange for money. That, in my opinion is hoo hoo.

    The world record bucks were all shot prior to the current era, where foodplots, minerals, management, etc. are the norm. They were all giants because they ate well and lived to be old boogers.

    Indiana's soil is noted as being very "selenium depleted". Is it wrong to provide deer something that was taken out of our soil by the glaciers years ago and deposited in other states?

    Just some thoughts....

    I look inside the crystal ball.....and see????? This thread getting some visitors from some "other" place, and then getting shut down by Steve. Have fun fellows!!
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  12. Another thought....Did you all realize that much of the minerals that are used for antler developement in a buck are taken right out of that buck's skeleton long before the actual process gets under way? What a buck is eating right NOW is what will kick start the whole process come April.
  13. Didn't know I started such a hornets nest...

    But Dean, do you know of, or have you heard of anyone or company working on an "antler steroid" along the lines of an anabolic steroid used by athletes?

    Food plots, mineral supplements, that is one thing...

    BUT, I was really trying to fast forward 5, 10, 50 years...

    Is this something that is going to be coming?