April Fishing Report

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  1. I mean it is a new month and all right?
  2. I was going to start a new report yesterday, but I didn't want to post a picture of one ten-inch trout...:(

  3. Hopefully I Will Post A Big Fat Crappie Tonight !!!!
  4. I put my Ice Shanty back in the truck for this week.
  5. :bowdown:
    :bowdown: give me a call i'll go [​IMG]
  6. If I would have had a camera I would post a 58 year old man falling out of his boat today, that old man was me.
  7. Struck gold again on Sunday even with the high winds. Went to the lake with Dad and caught around 75 bass. Most on crankbaits, he caught one 6 1/2 and I got a good one on a jig. He went 7.8 lbs will post pictures as soon as I get them from Dad.
  8. Housesitting a house with a pond this week, newer pond, not alot of big fish, but, I just got the fiance her first fishing pole of her very own, and I'm trying to get her to enjoy it, so catching ALOT of little gills is doing the trick.

    Here is her first fish on her own rod. Don't make any "pole" or "rod" jokes, DEAN!!!

    We even worked on the trophy pose!! haha
  9. It's all right JL. At least you had a fish to post right away for the new month if you wanted too.:hide:
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  10. Nice fishing partner, Trent. All I ever see in JL's boat are ugly guys like Dean:evil: .
  11. Way to go Trent! Looks like she's used to holding small ones! :yikes:
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  12. Holy chit, Travis! How did a guy like you end up with a girl like that?!?
  13. Oh, Baby!

    What a night of fishing! Tried for a limit, but came up one short...:banghead3 Four feet of water.



    Biggest one was 19".
  14. Bill, got to ask what were you doing to fall out of the boat? Hopefully landing a big walleye like JL
  15. hey JL, sweet walleye, what are they hitting on?