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Archery Buck - 175 Typical

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. (Posting for Dean Weimer)

    Chad Hartman's 175 Typical Archery Buck


  2. Indiana.....Dean will proabably post the details later.
  3. GEEEZ........Did someone steal my head while I was at work. That deer looks just like my AVATAR. Wonder why all these monsters are showing up???

  4. That is the buck that was found dead by a resident of Winona Lake (next to Warsaw) here in Kosciusko County in his back yard. After many a hunter tried to claim the deer.......Chad was given the rack due to matching evidence that connected him to his buck that had gotten away.....but then found.

    Just was amazing to hear of all of the Jokers that wanted this buck and attempted to claim it as theirs.

    Glad it got back into the hands of it's rightful owner.

    Nice Kosciusko County Buck Chad!!! Congrats!! :coolgleam

    On a side note...............for those that attended Charles Alsheimers seminar here in Warsaw a few weeks ago, this is the buck that was mounted and displayed for us all to view in the right hand of the auditorium where Charles made his presentation.......and for those of you that missed the skull that Dean brought with him.........My Gosh, what a rack!!! I even forgot to ask Dean.....what did that skull rack buck score?
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  5. What would make people try to claim a Deer that was not there's?....HMMMMMMMM well maybe the ANTLHERS!!!...Very nice Bow Kill.
  6. Winona Lake Buck

    Scarlet covered this for the most part. Chad Hartman arrowed this monster on Oct. 28, 2006. You'll have to read the July Issue of Indiana Game and Fish Magazine to get the whole story. This is a "deer story" for the ages. I had to squeeze a 5500 word story into about 2800. It wasn't easy, but the gist of the story is there.

    Chad is a great guy and very deserving of this tremendous B&C bow kill. Chris Dawson is the Warsaw hunter who was called by a resident near Winona Lake who found it dead in his yard a day after Chad had to quit tracking it. He was about 30 yards from finding the dead buck, nicknamed "Big Boy", when an upset police officer caused Chad to quit the initial search. The deer literally was running through a subdivision, amongst people, and the situation became very dangerous. At one point the buck actually ran through these people's yard where two young kids and an adult were flying kites. They never saw it because they were watching the kites. It actually ran into their above ground pool, where it left some blood on the pool. One funny thing that happened during the whole ordeal is that the buck went hauling down an asphalt road, came to a stop sign....Actually stopped (heck, he might have even looked both ways for all we know)!!!!! AND STOPPED BLEEDING RIGHT THERE AT THE STOP SIGN. As crazy as this all seems, it is TRUE!!!
  7. Nice story Dean. I myself had my hands on this set of hornes they were large, then to see this set of horns on the deer's head enough made them larger. Nice Buck Chad.
  8. I gawked at this buck during Charlie's talk, nice to know the story behind it. I'm sure those memories will be with him forever.
    Thanks for sharing Dean.

    Seems to me we're growing 'em pretty big up here in NORTHERN Indiana!!
  9. Upon closer inspection...I see that this rack appears to have the characteristics of a more Southern Indiana rack.........:hide: :hide:
  10. No, no...I'm sure that's an Upper Central IN deer, I'd know better if I could see the tail as they are normally running away from me.
  11. MR.Dean you are very right,Southern Indiana Home Of BIG BUCKS
  12. Real nice deer no matter where it's from.
  13. don't KNOW me!!!!

    Let's see a picture of your biggest buck Brewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!