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Arrow Fletcher

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Main Beam, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Looking to buy an arrow fletcher. What are the best ones out there? I just want a single fletcher since I will only fletch a few a year. I shoot Blazer vanes so if you have experience fletching Blazers vanes that would be helpful too.
  2. Bitzenburger is the only one you should buy. Trust me spend the extra money and get the good stuff. Jo Jan sucks.

  3. Trdntnl, thnks fr th rply:) Wll chck wth Btznbrgr.
  4. Yup I love mine real good for blazers. The extra money is worth it especialy with carbon.
  5. I use a Bitzenburger too, love it.
  6. have to agree very simple to use worth every cent
  7. Grayling Fletching Jig 32.99
    [​IMG] been using four 15 yrs still going Strong
  8. Bitzenbuger is what i have also
  9. Another happy Blitz owner here.:coolgleam
  10. I have using a arizona fletch for years with no problems. It is very easy to can fletch arrows as fast as you can prep them.
  11. Arizona Ez Fletch

  12. Got a Bitzenburger from a friend......going to fletch some arrows tonight. Looks like a very well made jig. I now see why shops don't like replacing just one fletch.....lots of adjustment to get the correct alignment with the remaining fletches.

    I did a search on what is the best fletch glue to use and I saw a lot of guys have great results with Loctite Super Glue Gel which is 1/3 the cost of regular fletch glue.

    Thanks for all the replys.
  13. Skip the glue and get the Bohning Fletch tape. So much easier and no drying time. Trust me this stuff is amazing. You can get it from any Gander Mountain. Its all I use on my arrows. When you get your arrow fletched you simply take that gel super glue and put a dab of glue on the front of the quill of the feather or vane and then glue the back down too. What the does is make a smooth transition from shaft to fletch. You dont have to wait for stuff to dry you just put the tape down peal off the covering and place it on your arrow. Bam on to the next feather. I did a trial with different glues... I made one arrow with fletch-tite, Duco, and the tape. After a couple of days and they were all completely dried I just grabbed the feather and pulled straight away from the shaft. The tape held so well that I shredded the feather and left the quil still attached to the shaft. THe only thing that I would not do is when you get your arrows fletched dont sit them down so the fletching is laying flat on any surface. If you dont glue the leading and trailing edge of the feather they have a tendency to slip around on the arrow. As soon as you glue that leading and trailing edge you dont have to worry about that anymore and you have some super easy and super strong fletchings.... I recommend the tape trust me the stuff is amazing.
  14. Fletch Tape!

    It does look easy to use. TBH you definetly know your stuff...... I will see if I can find some locally......Ugh something else to buy!
  15. Its cheap you can buy it for 7 bucks a roll and it will do about 3.5 dozen arrows. This is used on 5" feathers for me. So fletching Blazers a roll should do about ten dozen arrows im guessing.... hahaha Those tiny fletches should make a roll last forever. Just keep it away from your dog or youll be missing a roll. My dog likes to just demolish a roll if she can get it off the table. I think she has cost me two brand new rolls since her existence in the family... Oh well let me know if you need anything else I have been making arrows now for about five years and have seen just about everything. Ive made aluminum, wood, carbon, with feathers, vanes, crown dip, plain, whatever you can think of. If you have any questions get a hold of me or shoot me a PM. Ill try to help out as best I can . Remember to offset your clamp just a couple degrees so that you get a sort of propeller spin out of your arrows. I noticed with a dead straight clamp dead straight down the shaft my arrows seemed to knuckleball. So give it an offset of a couple degrees and you should be good to go. Good luck...