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Arrow retirement

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by coonslayer21, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. What does everyone do with an arrow after u have made a kill with it? Personally i "retire" the arrow to never be shot again, it has done its job so to speak.
  2. Often times it's busted in half or too damaged to use again...I keep it as a momento of the hunt. If the arrow is OK, I'll use it again another day.

  3. Usually if my arrow is still ok to use i usually use it. but if its broken or damaged real bad i just put it on one of my deer heads as a momento of the hunt
  4. stick that sucker back in the quiver and use it again.. If it can do what I what I want it too once then why not again. If its mangled up pretty good then I will cut it just under the crown dip and cresting and stick that part in a little tumbler in the den. Then I take the broadhead off and resharpen it and stick that puppy on another arrow. Hopefully over the years of enough traditional kills Ill have a whole bunch of arrow tops in that tumbler and Ill be able to remember what deer got shot with each arrow.
  5. The arrow is finished, added to the Antler Worshiping Voodoo Alter where Mrs Doe Pee scented candles are lighted and chants offered for the next hunt.
  6. :rant: put it back in the quiver and use it as a good luck charm. then when you see a big buck use it to kill it. then the arrow will become sacred and we will all want to touch it and have a sacred arrow service. then retire it. it already has sacred qualities. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: killing a big buck with it will put it in another demention.
  7. They dont retire until they are P.U.P. (Physically Unable to Perform)
  8. 5 with 1

    My dad once killed 5 deer with the same aluminum arrow and bodkin broadhead before it bent and was retired.
  9. My record was 5 deer with the same arrow before it was bent. Once it gets a little blood on it, its golden for sure.
  10. It has been a while since I've broke one on a game animal. Those Goldtips take a beating.

    After I've recovered the arrow, the arrow gets washed down and thoroughly inspected for damage. If it is still good, I simply wash out the feathers with soap and water, let it dry and put it back in the quiver. If the feathers don't recover (which generally they do), I refletch it.

    I've got a couple arrows that I would guess have 4 or 5 kills on them.

    If an arrow does get broke (it's been a while), it goes in the trash can.

    I've broke plenty on the 3-D course, mostly from slapping arrows with others shooting.
  11. All deer end up at dads for butchering. His trash man is a family friend and a deer hunter. If the arrow is ok, I will clean and re-use it. If it is not OK I try to stick it in the trash can so the fletching is sticking out of the top 12-18". I leave the blood on it so there is no mistaken what bent that arrow when he picks up the can. We live in the country, so I don't have to worry about offending anyone else with this gesture by the way.
  12. dirtyq did you say Bodkin? HAHA, That is from back in the day there boys...
  13. For me I have a shooter arrow and it's clean it and sharpen the montec and ready for round two.
  14. Since I switched to carbons....I've been re-using as long as they're in good shape. When I was using aluminum, I did the following.....


    A nice momento of the hunt, and dresses up the picture in my opinion.
    A pipe cutter and some hot glue was all it took.
  15. I retire them after they make a kill. Used to hang them on the wall until one time I had a bent, broken arrow that I killed a deer with hanging in the living room and it was filled with nasty rancid blood that started dripping out on the living room floor. My beagle loved it, wife hated it. That was definately a special kind of stink.