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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. What arrows do you use? Why? Aluminum or Graphite/Carbon? Traditional archers...what do you use to make your arrows? THis is the thread to talk about "getting the shaft" people........!!! (So to speak:) !!)
  2. Just bought a dozen carbon express 300's. Why? It's what I've shot the last 4 years, change scares me.

  3. Seriously Bird, I think some change could do you wonders!!!!!
  4. I use easton gamegetter I's -2117. I just bought two dozen of them off Ebay for 50 bucks. I used to shoot cedar but they arent always straight and not always as consistent as I would like. They fly straight and hit hard. Thats why I use them. I switch broadheads a lot so I dont know exactly what ill be tipping them with just yet, but I am leaning towards Muzzy Phantom broadheads this year. Usually its zwickeys or bear greenheads, but i like to mix it up a little each year just to see how well somethings work. I put a 5.25 inch feather on the back of them attached with bohning feather tape (so much easier than glueing and just as strong usually the quil gives lose before the tape does) with a heavy left wing helical to make them spin and fly beautifully. Whoever wins that trail camera contest will see.......

    Heck with season rolling around some of you guys might be interested in getting some new arrows done. Dean I know you are leaning towards getting some new arrows.
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  5. carbon express 300's. i like they way they fly trru my bow. honostly i don't know. i bought a dozen and have been using them ever since.
  6. I've shot Gold Tips for two years now and absolutely love them. Before that I shot Easton Superlites in 2113. Since switching over to Graphite I don't know that I'd ever go back to 'em that much.
  7. Carbon Express 300's here topped off with a 3 blade 100 grain Muzzy.
  8. Last year was the first year I have ever shot carbon arrows. I used to shoot Easton XX78 Super Slams in 2413. Now, I shoot Easton Axis ST 340s. I'd like to shoot the new Easton FMJ (a carbon arrow jacketed in aluminum), but I can't find them anywhere at a reasonable price. I fletch my arrows with 4" Gateway left helical feathers, and like trdtnl, I think I will be shooting the Muzzy Phantoms this year as well. I have shot Sattelite Titans for years, but there is a lack of consistency from head to head. I can tell you so far that I like the durability of the carbons more than aluminum arrows so far, but I don't have a great deal of experience to go by yet.
  9. one thing i've found out about carbons, you don't have to worry about bending one they just shatter. they can splenter around the nock too so always check if you have a nock come loose cause more than likely the carbon is split and it will be dangerous to shoot.
  10. beman

    400grain beman ICS hunters (carbon) with 4" standard fletchings, shot variations of this carbon arrow since 2001. Tip them with muzzy 3-blade 125grain broadheads with a 70lb pull.
    Mathews Conquest 2. I'm starting to get Trykon envy, though.

  11. Gold Tip

    I Have Shot Vaned Gold Tipped 55/75 For The Last Several Years. I Prefer Orange And White Vanes W/ Orange Cresting. They Have Been Very Durable And Are Reasonably Priced.i Have A Brand New Unshot, Dozen, Aluminum Eastons, Just Sitting In My Closet, I Consider Them Obsolete.
  12. Trykon Envy?? From a Matthews shooter? Eric, my son...leave the Dark Side and come to the Hoyt side..... Young Apprentice!!!!!!:rolleyes: !!!!
  13. I hunt with 2113s with 125 grain muzzys but my girlfriend got me a dozen 300s to use this season and im not sure i want to deal with retuning my bow to the carbons,,,,,old habits die hard!! I punch paper with 2213s with nibbs.
  14. i shoot gold tip pro hunters 5575 painted crest blazzer vanes 4deg off set 26.5 "with muzzy 100 bad to the bone broad heads out of my mathews SQ2 at 70 #draw:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  15. RockNRoll bubba....could you squeeze one more number in there next time?