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Asian Carp

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Flintlocker, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Main Beam shared a video with us of some people shooting silver carp from their boats. While this looked like a load of fun, it is chilling evidence of a looming crisis for those of us who enjoy fishing in Indiana.

    The video shows how numerous these invaders can become. This link is to an award winning story by Eric Sharp, of the Detroit Free Press.

    Killer carp!

    While this article focuses on the Illinois River, and the video was probably from Illinois, these fish are in Indiana waters now.

    Have any of you seen these fish in your home waters yet?
  2. That was a very good story. Ive yet to see one on the Wabash, but have heard others say they have seen them. People dont believe me when I say kill them, throw them on the bank and contact a C.O. to let them know where they seen them. I believe we need more public awarness...