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At what age?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Poundsy, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Finally a thread that doesn't involve the OBR or PCR. At what age did you fellas start hunting? My nephew is 6 and I am thinking of taking him turkey hunting this spring. He goes fishing with me, but my sister thinks he is too young to go hunting. I didn't start hunting deer until I was 20 and turkey when I was 21 so I don't really know what to expect from him. I would like to know your experience with your young'uns. Thanks
  2. Good question. Not all kids are mature enough to hunt at 12 years old much less 6. I started when I was 11. My group puts on a couple of Youth Hunts each year for 20-25 kids at a time and we started out with any age. The kids under 12 have been too young to use for safety reasons so we have made 12 our cut-off age.


  3. I started taking my girls along on goose hunting outings in the early season when they turned 5. Also took them both deer hunting (early archery out of a blind) at the same age. I took my oldest turkey hunting out of a blind last spring at 6. All observation, no actual hunting for them. Just hanging out and watching dad hunt.

    My oldest passed the Hunter's Safety (94 out of 100) just after she had turned 7.

    Both my daughters started shooting bows at the age of 4. My oldest got a bb gun when she turned 6 and at 7 a m.l./20ga/.22 combo. She started shooting the .22 and moved up to the m.l. I took her out in the youth deer season and she shot at and missed a doe. She went hunting with me 6 or 7 times and had a blast. Almost got some other shot opportunities, but they didn't develop. She had fun and is talking about turkey hunting this year in the youth season.

    Every kid is different and you need to judge for yourself when yours is ready. Let them dictate the pace that they want to go at.

    Nothing better than taking a kid hunting.:coolgleam
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  4. Poundsy...he's old enough to start going with you now. I can't remember how old I was when I started hunting it's been too long ago. My daughter started going hunting with me when she was about 6 and took the hunter ed course when she was 7. I bought her first gun when she was 8. My youngest daughter is taking the hunter ed course this month...she's 7. The sooner you can get those youngsters involved the better. But remember, you have to keep it fun for them and they can't sit out there as long as we can especially in bad conditions. Nothing will ruin it for them faster than if they get cold and wet.
  5. I remember going with dad when I was 8 or so on up, but I didn't get to actually go hunting until I was 13.
  6. Yup...take him now to watch...being that age though, I'd set up a blind. Take snacks and coloring books to keep him occupied. My son has spent many a time with me in a deer blind. He's hooked! ;)
  7. I didn't get started hunting big game until I was in college (18 or 19). Didn't really get serious until after college. Our oldest daughter is 7 and interested in watching deer and turkeys. Might try to start taking her to watch them from buddy-type ladder stands on nice days to see if she likes it. The youngest girl might be the future hunter, at 2 years she watches the hunting shows and runs up to the TV to get the "deeyo".
  8. I'm 23 and prolly still shouldn't be in the woods.

    Started tagging along when I was 9 or 10, got my gun when I was 13, hunted that year.
  9. I started 24 years ago at 16. Would have liked to have started earlie but my family didn't hunt, so I had to wait until I had a drivers license and passed the Hunters Safety course.
  10. Started tagging along when I was about 8-9.
    Started hunting when I was 12-13.
  11. i started squirrel hunting when i was 10 and moved up to deer when i was 13.
  12. I killed my first deer the day before my 10th birthday. I tagged along a couple years before that. I was squirrel hunting before i killed my first deer as well. I didn't start turkey hunting until I was around 16, but that's because it wasn't a real big thing before that.
  13. Thanks guys. He is just going to take along. He is not actually going to pull the trigger. When I took my hunter ed course I saw alot of kids in that age group and it really suprised me. They were enthralled with the outdoors. I hope he catches the bug also. Idle hands are the devils playtoy and the outdoors can teach kids responsibility and patience. Keep 'em in the woods and off the streets. It is a different world out there, not like when we were growing up.
  14. I played the "dog" for my older brother for rabbit hunting when I was 10ish, then he lost forward to when I was 20. I met my wife and her father reintroduced me to hunting and have been hooked since!
  15. i started around 12 squirrel hunting and trapping rabbits. he's plenty old enough to take along hunting especially showing him things a woodsman would know and things wildlife does.