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Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by ccdeer1960, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. A couple of year ago I read a post on ,that you were putting a cd together about patoka lake (Maps) Did you ever get it done? And if you did ,did you ever get any pics of the lake before they flooded it.Would be interrested in purchasing if so. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi ccdeer1960:
    I have not finished working on that map yet. I still have the digital copies of all the maps in storage. But I ran into trouble trying to splice them back together again using my software. It turned out to be a much harder project that I thought it would.

    Not only will I have to slice the maps together to make one big map or several maps but I also have to convert my gps unit to read Indiana Plane Coordinate Grid system or else convert all the map calibrations from IPC Grid to UTM grid. That's what got me stumped.

    I'll let you in on a secrete. The maps are available at the Louisville KY Corp of Engineer's office. They had these topo maps available for sale when the lake first opened up back in the late 1970's. These maps are on plastic sheets and can be converted to blue print pages of 19.5" x 13.5". It takes about 25 pages to cover all of Patoka Lake. My friend Larry Shepard of Georgetown, IN gave me his copies and I scanned them into my hard drive.

    I was going to use them with OziExplorer Software and my GPS to find Honey holes on Patoka Lake. But the price of gas went up since then so I don't fish Patoka that much anymore. I am fishing much closer to home these days.

    Hope this helps. I think Larry got them for about $200 or something in that range.

    I took these maps to Evansville Blueprint and they were going to scan my copies and make a digital copy for me for around $300 bucks if memory serves me right. I am not sure how they were going to do that or what software they would use.

    I do think that with Photo shop CE software it would be easy to not only scan them but put them back together. I did manage to get Photo shop Elements 2 to splice some of the map quarters together.

    My recommendation would be to not scan these maps in too high of resolution. I made that mistake. I used 600 dpi to scan my maps and that's way too high of a resolution. I also scanned them in color using 24 bit depth with Paint Shop Pro 9. My scanner was not able to keep up with this job and kept stalling on every other scan which drove me nuts. Since that time I got a powered usb hub that made the scanner work much better. And then I got a new legal paper sized HP scanner that will work better. But I had to send Larry's paper maps back to him before I got the new scanner. I have copies of Larry's maps too. But I am missing one of the pages for the Fisherman's Campground part of the lake. That page was missing from the set that he let me borrow.

    If you have a good email program and server I may be able to email as an attachment a small sample of one of the map sections. It would be a Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right or Bottom Left quarter of one of the map pages.

    I read that the maker of OziExplorer software may be trying to add new grid systems to that program. If they ever get to the point where I can use the Indiana Plane Coordinate system then I may restart this program.

    I worked on this for almost a year but never very long due to my scanner problems. After a few hours of fighting my old scanner and it's breaking down and stalling I would put the project on hold for a week or more before I got the courage to try to restart it. That left a sour taste in my system after a year of trying.

    Hope this helps

    If I ever did this again I would scan the maps at 150 dpi or less and in black and white only. This would decrease the memory size of each file for each quarter map section and allow my software to splice the map quarter sections back together into one page. Since there are over 20 pages for the Patoka Lake map it will take a while. Keep the file sizes small and the cheaper PaintShop Pro 9 software will possible handle the splicing job. It think it's called creating a panorama view in the software.