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Austin IN. Roadkill Buck

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Road kill from Austin area...There is supposedly one from Southern IN that's even bigger..dirtyq is trying to get pictures of it.


  2. Nice headrest (aka droptine).

    Why are these crazy big deer showing up all over.............
  3. I live only 8 miles N of Austin and I've never seen anything like that around here but where there is one there has to be more, :yikes: I wonder if that counts for OBR
  4. There you go Brewersville, that should get you out of the spotlight for a few minutes. That deer is astronomical.
  5. I may be wrong but i sure thought i saw this picture in a recent magizine. I dont think it said it was from Indiana or a roadkill. Ill try to find it.
  6. No that Deer was shot in KY....want me to post the Thread??? Somebody should Do there HOMEWORK before they post....:16suspect :16suspect :16suspect
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  7. Brew, I knew I had seen that deer before, just got done looking the thread up. Thanks for posting it again. Looks like your still the king.
  8. I won't say I am sorry for the post since I was sent this picture today in an email and was told it was hit last night on I-65 around the Austin exit.

    Done enough homework over the years to get my degree, there DAD! Besides, I think you could do a little more, "TREAD" or THREAD?? hmm....
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  9. Yeah Brew,, do your homework,, YOU ELK KILLER!!!;) ;) ;)
  10. Hey and Randy should BOTH do your homework.

    And let some of us other junkies kill the monsters!!!!!!! Brewer, you deserve that spotlight. I think it's time for another too Rand!!!!!!!
  11. Yeah Duckz-n-Buckz, how dare you share something about a monster buck that you believed to be true. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now do some homework, I'll do some fieldwork.
  12. Sorry man! I'll do better next time. See you in the woods.
  13. i cant see the picture help ????