Authorized Moto Guide Repair

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know where there is an Authorized Moto-Guide repair shop in Northern Indiana? My trolling motor works, but the switch is starting to go out....


  2. Is it the foot pedal switch, HS, because if it is, you can purchase the switch from any local marina, and they can put it in for very cheap (the last pedal switch I got cost me $2).

  3. James,
    No I wish it was... It's the older hand grip (Pull to engage not turn like a handlebar) It sometimes acts up and you may have to squeze the trigger 4 or 5 times to get the motor to go...
    Thanks though....
  4. Hooiser check on the web for a dealer near you. Just go to the Motor Guide website and take a look maybe you can fine the switch and install it yourself. Good Luck.
  5. Google motorguide authorized repair centers and there you will see that there are about 6or7 in the state. There is one in Indy, 1 in Valpariso, 1 in Wheatfield.etc... Good luck