Avatars and your personality

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  1. My wife was looking over my shoulder the other night and she seen my avatar. She asked me if that dude in the picture is what people believe is me. I told her I don't think so. Then I showed her some other avatars. Old Iron sights is not a ship. I am not a toothless old black man. She thinks I should put somemore effort into selecting a new avatar. Typical woman..... Do you know how long it took me to find someone that ugly but still funny to put in? What do you guys think??
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    Change it to Al Gore wearing a Richard Nixon mask.

  3. I do think Avatars can (should?) say somthing about the Poster.

    I use mine because,

    (A) it's Punny
    (B) I'm a bit of an "old school" Revolutionary
    (C) "Cannon balls" mostly bounce off me
    (D) I'd like to think my Ideas are as sound and long lasting as Old Ironsides herself.

    But, I have also used other avatars... most notably my "South Park" Avatar.


    Oddly enough, I really do look like that .... :evilsmile
  4. I dont know about avatars...I think I need a new one...pretty tough to tell that i'm in that tree (I guess that means the camo is working eh?) What i want to know is how do I change my title?? Mine says guide..JL's says James the not-so-affluent. Theres where you make your mark. Mine could say something like "I used to be in shape" or "At least I'm not Trent."
  5. Or, have a good day, or go(($**#)(# yourself...all viable options....
  6. This one should say something,, but I have had it for a while and need to upgrade. Soon:coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam
  7. hey now i know him lol:help:
  8. Yeah, You're one of them damn kids from the elementary aren't you? You, the fat one and the freak who was running $cientology for a while but couldn't get Tom Cruise to come out of the closet...

    From what I hear, you are the accident prone one... try not to get killed again, eh? :tongue:
  9. Become a sponsoring member, and you can put anything you like under your avatar. By the way, can I use that "At least I'm not Trent" until you're ready for it? :lol:
  10. I haven't figured out why I use my avitar? :coco: