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Baby rico

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Baby Rico's first kiss???????

  2. HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! :lol:

  3. What a proud papa I am!!!!!!! Second kiss!!!!!!

  4. Does he know you're posting these??? You're killin' me with this stuff!
  5. Yeah , he is watching. So is my youngest daughter........

  6. Now that's a cute offense, baby rico...:lol: I guess what got me laughing the most was the look on Daddy's face in the first picture...priceless!
  7. Family tradition.......

  8. Man, I'm glad you showed back up on this site, Rico!
  9. A few too many that day!!!!!
  10. What to say...

    You're a twisted man Rico.

    Good thing we like that in a person around here.

    Do the kids know you spray paint city signs???
  11. Baby Rico here, Dad's outside

    It was me that spray painted that sign...don't tell Dad :hide:;) :bash:

    It was a pretty good grafiti job though:tongue:

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  12. first mates

    Good lookin crew there Rico!
  13. Well Rico that cool, sure made my day.
  14. Thanks Charlie...they keep me on my toes!!!!!