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Bachelor Party??????

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Nope, I'm not talking about one of those sweet parties where several male compadres get together to celebrate-or is it soak their collective sorrows because another sucker is going down? (HINT:This means you Mudhole)-by donating dollar bills out to the local needy; but rather those sweet bachelor groups of summertime.

    I went out to set up my Cudde back for the stretch coming up here in late June-Mid. July and saw 5 bucks in the beans already there. I saw one goody in that group, but they took off upon seeing me. After I put up the camera I drove around the block and then I saw a group of 5 (maybe 7) and it looked like two good ones in that group (it was getting dark, so I couldn't really see).

    It won't be long and we'll all be drooling over some good bucks come fall. Well, at least some of us will...sorry Terry.

    Anybody seeing any good ones?
  2. I've heard reports in from three areas (Whiley and Noble Co.), sounds like there's a lot of promise for this season.

  3. I seen 2 the other evening... tuesday i belive on our main ground that should definately be some heart shakers come october. Im not sure what the measurements would be yet i only got to see them for about 5 seconds. I cant get too excited though. I videod one last year out there on july 4 that already was a good 140" and never seen him come season... (solo seen the video) he'll testify :)
  4. Havent seen my local bucks for quite a while. Seen a few does though, all healthy looking deer. Excited for this season. I know the what the two that survived the year were last year, and can only hope that they don't decline...looking forward to it...
  5. Dean I have been seeing 3 to 5 in a group and if we get some rain they could be a couple of good bucks. Also seen a couple of fawns Saturday.
  6. Last thurs. I was out for work doing some crop scouting(drinking with farmers). Up in parke county me and a farmer was on his polaris ranger cruising around a field edge and kicked up a huge 10 point. Every bit of 130+ already. He was with two does. About 6 inches outside his ears and getting tall. Too bad the guy doesn't let anyone hunt at his house. First nice buck I have seen all year,not that I have been really looking.
  7. One morning last week, I saw a group of deer on my way to work, not far off the road... so I turned around to go back and take a picture. They didn't hang around long, and I was worried about getting the picture taken... so I didn't know what they were. After I downloaded the picture, all (5) deer were bucks.
  8. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    I saw a bachelor group of 8 tonight, 3 were big time shooters. I also saw a doe today trying to have a fawn. She would walk about 50 yds. then lay down. She kept this up for 20 minutes. Then through my NIKONS from my blind I saw 2 feet protruding from her rearend. I wish I could have got this on video, but she stumbled on to a place where I can't go. I am definitely getting the fever.
  9. I have been seeing a lot of deer around here. I've seen several smaller bucks with approx. 10" of new growth in velvet. I'm seeing a lot of does also. I haven't seen anything yet I would consider a shooter. Everything I'm seeing is on the way to and from work and I haven't had an opportunity yet to get out and look around where I hunt.
  10. It's gonna be crazy down here as long as the outside problems stay away..... I've saw some absolute studs already! Can't wait!
  11. First let me apologize for the poor picture quality. Both pictures were quick snapshots from running vehicles....

    This first pic is the bachelor group I mentioned the other day. There are at least 4 bucks, but I think even the 2nd from the left is a very small buck.


    This second picture is of another bachelor group of four that we saw yesterday on the way home from checking the game cam. We should have gotten much better pictures of these deer. HOwever, they were 200+ yards off of the road, and I wanted to look thru my optics, while my buddy took pictures. I scared the deer away when I got out of the truck.... dang. Nice brow tines... huh...!!! An only a half mile or so from state property...


    Last year, I was seeing a group of up to seven bucks with two very nice ones. I got some non-digital video footage last year, but no good still shots, because it was always too dark. There was also another pair of very nice eights. I'll stay on the prowl, and hope to post some pictures.
  12. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    Very nice deer, especially for state property. Now you just need to arrow one of those this fall.
  13. Looks like a nice one! Good inspiration to hunt, right there.
  14. I have been seeing some pretty goods ones. Got the trail cams out Saturday and cant wait to see what I get. It is new property that I have never hunted but have seen some monsters around there in years past. It should be interesting!!!
  15. I saw a real dandy this morning. Nice tall rack, well outside the ears. He was with another smaller deer nibblin' in the bean field.