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Back From Mississippi!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by goggleye57, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Been to Pascagoula, Mississippi the past week with a group from Church working on Hurricane Katrina relief. Had a great time. The first day we cleared tree debris from a church lot, then for 4 days worked on the house of a 79 year old widow woman named Doris. Here is a picture of some of the great kids that went with us. They all worked like dogs! We insulated the lady's house then drywalled, then did the first mudding on all of it.
    Here is the whole group that went in front of her FEMA trailer. I am third from the left in the back row and my lovely wife is in front of me. Doris the lady who lived there is in the front middle. ​
    The devastation there is amazing!. The further west you went the worse the damage. Around Gulfport it looked like a picture of a nuclear blast site like Hiroshima. I'd like to go back. There is a lot to do. The lady's two grandsons told me they would take me fishing in the Gulf if I came back down, I think I will! :)
  2. Great work goggleye57!!!

    A buddy of mine from work just got back from there about a week ago doing the same thing. He was also in Miss., not sure of the town.

  3. That is great!
    My Daughter went to Pascagoula last fall, she is still talking about the experience.
  4. goggleye, I is great to see that men on the post is doing some of God's work. Our church sent a group down about 5 weeks ago. They did some drywalling, and they also bought and put in kitchen cabinets. Our small church of about 230 member gave around $48,000 our mission broad to help those people down there. The group talked at church that the couples house they work on was all smiles and said it's to bad that something like this is got to happen for people to help each other. Again it a blessing to see that there is other people helping other people in need. GREAT WORK and may God bless you.
  5. Heart felt thanks. Heroes come in all forms and ways.
  6. thanks for your time

    nice job! small efforts on earth can reap great rewards some where else. did you notice if mother nature was putting herself back together? hope so:bowdown:
  7. It was a good time- you all should think about going- there's going to plenty to do for a long time
  8. goggleeye my hat is sencerily off to you and your group.
  9. Great job!! Yours and the others efforts, I'm sure are greatly appreciated. And in the long run after everything is said and done you and the others will be greatly rewarded for your time and effort. I love to see kids with great big hearts take the time to help out people who need help. Once again GREAT JOB! You should be very,very proud.:grouphug:
  10. Way to be Buddy. its good to see people trying to help each other out in times of need. If i didnt have my daughter to take care of i would be down there. I had a chance to go a few months ago but couldnt make it. once again thank you for helping those people out .