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Bad Boy Buggies ... looky looky what DEC got

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DEC, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Well guys, a long awaited business venture has started. This will be the only time I formally pimp my product. If you are interested in a purchase, please PM me. Outside of that I will answer any questions you might have about my new toy. I don't want to spam the site. (Note to Steve, let me know how I can help further sponsor things here!)

    I fell in love with the Bad Boy Buggy a long time ago. In January at the Indy Expo, I got to sit my tail in one. A cold beer or two and the wheels in my head were spinning. I left the expo with a dealership plan. Just another angle of my existing business. Hopes and dreams to sell a few (hopefully a bunch), have fun, and of course have one to play with myself. Six months of negotiations later and I present to you one of the first 2008 model Bad Boy Buggies. The best part ... this one is MINE!:coolgleam

    The 2008 is a whole new animal than the previous models. 25 hp (12.5 per axle), 135+ftlbs torque, 40 miles on a charge (32 full power, 8 reserve power), 21 mph top end, electronic breaking system, full time 4x4, Realtree Camo (I know I know Natural Gear would be better ... I'll work on them!). This thing ROCKS!:coolgleam






    I ask ... could Derek be a happier boy right now? I just might sleep at the shop in the seat tonight.:biggrin:
  2. Congratulations buddy...that is a thing of beauty! Maybe I'll be your first customer! :biggrin:

    Looks like there's plenty of room in the front rack for one of your does too! :evilsmile And there's jealousy rearing it's ugly head....

    I expect to see many photos of this thing in the field this year!

    :bowdown: :woohoo1: :bowdown: :woohoo1:

  3. DEC.... bad news man.... it won't fit between the corn rows. Aw Shucks.... no pun intended...!!!
  4. Wow that thing is awesome. I remember some rumor's way back when. Glad it all worked out for you! That's too cool. Congrats bud.
  5. You're being such a Bad Boy Derek....

    (Note to self:Don't piss DEC off any more...maybe he'll cut me a sweet deal:rolleyes: )
  6. Thats awesome Derek!!! Congrats man
    Thats a sweet little ride
  7. That is a awesome toy! Looks like you won't be walking too much in the field this year.
  8. Awesome man...

    freakin awesome...
  9. Thats pretty cool.

    Is there any sort of IS member discount in the works??
  10. "Discounts"? Like I said, PM me and we'll talk pricing.

    I don't know if anyone has ever seen it, but if you get a second, click on this link and watch the video. There is impressive power there. The website highlights the 2007 version. The 2008's have been totally reworked as far as electronics and motors. The one complaint in the old models was speed and range. So they dropped the HP and torque a little (not too much though) and utilized electronic breaking technology that actually back charges the batteries. They were able to get incredible range and a significant jump in speed out of them.

    These are not a jacked over golf cart. Everything is 100% designed by and manufactured by and for them.

    By comparison a standard golf cart has a 3hp motor, 2008 BBB has 25hp. A standard golf cart puts out 25 ftlbs torque. A 2008 BBB puts out over 135 ftlbs. Serous power! Watch it drag around that ATV in the video ... the same ATV I own ... hmmmm might have to do a little testing of my own.:evil:

    I have access through my in-laws to a JD Gator and a Kawasaki Mule. I'll tell you this, they cant hold a candle to the BBB when it comes to get up and go, suspension, the terrain it can go through (and over), and of course 100% totally silent.

    I can get the BBB's in Realtree, Mossy Oak, red, black, and green.

    Enough ... I'm going out and playing some more on the thing!:biggrin:
  11. Bring it West to Howe and drop off my bow Derek, we have a tone of hills/scrub back behind the plant.... I know it's well within it's range! :)
  12. Now thats a BAD BOY Derek! Theres one in my future.
  13. Just call me when you are ready, that's all I ask.;)