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bad news today

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by huhnter, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. This is my first post and I'm sorry it's going to be a long one.I've been lucky to have a great parcel of private land to hunt for ten years and today I got the phone call I've been dreading.I've helped the property owner on many occasions, posted the land , done many favors, and have finally got the population to the point where its a great balance of bucks and does and have harvested a 140 class or above for four years in a row.Now I was told to remove all my stands because a family member wants to learn how to hunt and doesn't want any one else around. I know I should feel fortunate for the last years and really have no gripe because I don't own the property but I'm really disappointed. I guess I'll have to look for a lease north of Indy somewhere before next bow season. Thanks for letting me vent and allow my comments on this site.:(
  2. Welcome to the site huhnter. Sorry to hear about you losing your hunting spot. Good luck securing another location, hopefully close to home.


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    Welcome, and join the club.

    Some of our prime pheasant land now has some great looking houses on it...over 80 acres.

    Another 80 acre area (CRP) was mowed down to within a couple of inches last year by the mow happy that was gone.

    This is why put and take and preserve hunting are getting more popular in Indiana.

    But you are right...we should be happy with what we had.
  4. Welcome Hunter,

    Man I know how you feel, Whenever I drive to my parents house I see my old hunting grounds all developed with a nice housing edition, cause one of the heirs got greedy (in my opinion) perhaps "Jr" will not take to hunting and you won't have to wait too long! I just hope he/she doesn't invite everyone they know in to take a Big Buck, and offset the balance you have worked so long and hard for!
    Hang in there, and again, Welcome to the site!
  5. Gaining access to good hunting in Indiana is probably one of the biggest hurdles Indiana hunters have to face. :rolleyes: Good luck :) One place you guys might try are bank trust officers, some have charge to good hunting spots you might check into ? Also you might call your local dnr biologist who issues depredation permits, possible those farmers might be more willing to grant a little access. My brother has gotten on to a couple of places through ground hog shooting.
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  6. welcome to the sight!!

    well !! all you can do is take it as a lesson. it happens every day to someone somewhere. i'm convinced that a lease with a legal contract is the only way to go.
  7. Welcome to the site. Lots of good info and even more laughs here. Sorry about the loss of your hunting area. I hunted a spot for about six years. On the seventh year, the landowner says he's got to have some money for the spot. I'd worked hard to learn the area and take mature bucks and available does, so I agreed to lease the land. It sucks, but everybody likes money right? Welcome to the future of hunting private land!
  8. I really appreciated all of your replies and advice and it's good to know I'm not the only one this has happened to. My worst fears are actually that now the {learners } will be using button bucks for target practice . I guess it's time for me to get to work on finding another ideal location.
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