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Bad sport hoosiers invade Minnesota

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Here's what happens when there is no ice in Indiana:16suspect Us Hoosiers have to go to Minnesota and raise heck with the fishin. Too bad these guys have to give us such a bad rep. I found this on the

    > MN DNR Home > News >

    News Releases

    Another group of Indiana anglers find trouble in Minnesota (2005-12-27)

    [​IMG]Conservation officers caught three anglers with an overlimit of crappies..

    For the third time this year, a group of Indiana anglers have been caught in Minnesota with too many fish.

    State Conservation Officer Brent Speldrich of McGregor received a recent Turn In Poacher (TIP) call indicating three anglers had taken an over-limit of fish from Lake Minnewawa and Rat Lake, each located about 60 miles west of Duluth. Speldrich interviewed the men at the residence they were renting.

    "When I asked them if they had taken any fish they said that they had caught some crappie and northern," Speldrich said. "There was a pause when I asked them how many they had."

    Despite saying they had read Minnesota's 2005 Fishing Regulations handbook, a search of the garage and a freezer inside the residence found the group in possession of 91 crappie and 10 northern pike. That is 61 crappie over the limit and one northern over the limit. Minnesota's daily/possession limit is 10 crappie. The northern pike daily/possession limit is three, with no more than one over 30 inches taken each day.

    Dan W. Londeree, 57, Brent A. Londeree, 35, and Robert D. Manley, 40, all of Columbus, Ind., face possible fines and restitution totaling about $6,300.

    A TIP call in April led to fine and restitution amounts totaling nearly $8,000 for five men from Fort Wayne, Ind. who were 299 fish over the limit of sunfish after fishing Straight Lake near Osage in northwestern Minnesota. Also seized in that investigation were angling licenses, fishing rods and an auger.

    In a June incident, six men from Indiana were fined nearly $5,200 after fishing Lake Winnibigoshish in northeastern Minnesota. The group had 128 walleyes, or 92 over the legal limit for six anglers. The walleye daily and possession limit is six walleye per angler. The group was also in possession of an illegal snapping turtle and illegally stored frozen northern pike and crappie fillets.

    "We love to have people come and fish Minnesota," said the DNR's chief conservation officer, Col. Mike Hamm. "They've got to obey the rules and regulations."

    Established in 1981, the TIP program allows Minnesotans to call a toll-free number from anywhere in the state to report natural resource violations. Calls regarding violations can be placed anonymously at 1-800-652-9093. Cash rewards are given for tips.

  2. Embarrassing. But how many times have we all heard bragging from some moron about how many fish over the limit he caught? And some of us, I was one, just acted like that was cool or ignored them. All you can eat plus one, right? Well I can't forgive myself for not having the backbone to stand up and say something. But not anymore, STRING THEM UP! Post their names, plaster their pusses all over these websites.
  3. Can't even blame that on the "new math"
  4. Keep those Report a Poacher hot line numbers handy.. Too bad it's only money!
  5. Its a shame that a few bad apples give the rest of us law abbiding fishermen a bad name. They should fine their asses off and make them do community service. There is no excuse for that type of behavior, if you are putting a hurtin on them somewhere along the course of the day you would think somebody could count up what was caught and realize how far from their limits they were. I guess they have better staffing for their conservation officers than we do. Could you imagine what Indiana could do if they had enough funding for additional officers? Hopefully with the increase in liscenses this year they will add a few more.
  6. Nice batch 'o fish.....too bad they couldn't keep track. I've been to Minnesota plenty of times and the C.O.'s have all been very nice, but very strict. Serves those guys right.
  7. Bad sport Hoosiers Invade Minnesota????? Don't understand what you mean.

    Is this about fishing, or is this about the IU and Minnesota basketball game last week? I'm confused. Treehugger, can you help me w/ this one???:cool:
  8. :yikes: .....suddenly, I'm speechless...
  9. Treehugger???

    Speechless?? Mission accomplished!!:cheeky-sm
  10. Went to a local Wally yesterday over in IL. They had all kinds of Big Ten hats for sale...except for IU...SOLD OUT!!! Even in IL Dean. Purdue hats were falling on the floor off the shelf they had so many...ooops...I stepped on one, it was an accident :biggrin: . Everyone loves the Hoosiers!!!!! Oh yeah, that was a Hoosier that threw the TD last night in Super Bowl XL...Antwan ALL WORLD El. :cheeky-sm
  11. Com'on treehugger, the one even slightly mentionable bright spot to come out of IU football in the last decade and you have to throw that at us? Sorry, I'm a Purdue grad and must put in a comment here. Still not as good as ribbing my cousin. He is a die hard IU fan, but had to go to Purdue to get his degree.
  12. Hoser Football??????

    The last DECADE??...Scott, you're an engineer and your math skills suck that bad???

    If you want to get IU garb tree, try the Goodwill Store. Plenty of items there for you.
  13. Thanks for proving my point Dean...Purdue grad...shops at Goodwill. That should be about the last nail I need to seal your box with you in it...brotha!!! LOL LOL LOL...this is way too much fun!!! :evil: :cheeky-sm :evil:
  14. Goodwill Hunting!!!!!

    I just go in there to buy underwear!!! Nothing else!!!:bonk: