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Baikal Shotguns?? Anyone know about them?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I picked one of these Baikal MP-133 12 gage Shotguns up for a REAL good price (150 bucks). It's brand new and still in the box. They are Russian made. They are brought to the US by the European American Arms Corporation. .
    It is a BEAUTIFUL and looks like a high quality well built shotgun.

    Does anyone know anything about them?

  2. Since the Russians have been denied the right to own rifles for so long, they have gotten really good at building shotguns.

    The Baikals are great guns for the money, much like the Saiga .410.

  3. Thanks Old Ironsights! This thing is BEAUTIFUL! The wood on this gun is nicer than on my Weatherbys!!! The bluing is exceptional and the action is fantastic! Can't wait to shoot it tonight!

  4. Post up some pictures of this thing when you get a chance Fuzzy.:coolgleam
  5. I let my sister borrow my camera for a field trip but, Here's a picture of one like it, Mine don't have the extended magazine and mine has a high gloss finish on the stock and fore end. Fuzzy
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    I picked up a Baikal sxs 28 gauge IZH 43 a month ago....It's a pretty solid gun and not bad looking.

    The only problems I've heard about them (s x s's and O/U'S) is sometimes they double fire (mosly on the skeet/trap range)

    From all I've read, they are well built guns. Kind of hard to see, but the last one (sxs) is the Baikel
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  7. You do realize this makes you guilty of owning a Commie HDS (homelanddefenseshotgun) don't you? Time to buy a matching AK. ;)
  8. Nice looking shotgun Fuzzy. For $150 it sounds like you couldn't go wrong. I'd buy one as a back up waterfowl gun for that kind of money. Heck for that money, it could double as a boat paddle.:biggrin:

    Those shoot 3.5's don't they?
  9. Yeps, they shoot 3.5's.....OIS, Already got the AK to match. HOWEVER, I've got a guy up here DIEING for this Baikil, he's offering to trade me a practically new (fired once) Mossberg 500A Crown Series.....with field barrel(ported), slug barrel (ported) and a nice scope (not sure of brand), all in a hard case for it....I'm thinking I'm going to be a short owner of the Baikil.

  10. Well, it's not like you couldn't get another for another $150....
  11. Where at? I'd like to know. For $150, I was serious, that would make a good boat oar that would double as a duck gun.:biggrin:
  12. I believe all baikals are now imported as the Remington spartan line.
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    Actually, they are still making Baikals...EAA is importing them...Remingtons are the same gun but cost about 100.00 more.
  14. Curse you Fuzzy...I's a RARITY that you/me spending money aren't in the same equation!!! LOL :D
  15. Believe it or not fellers, I bought it at a pawn shop! jstalljon, the one on lincolnway just west of 19 across from the rail yard "Money Medic" I have no idea where they sell them. I found one place online that shows the value of the Baikal MP-133 at $1104.00 !!! Others have said you can buy them at Dicks & Dunhams for around 200 bucks. Here's the link to the value listing I found:

    PS!!! jstalljon, you got that kegerator refilled? I'm thinkin cjones and I are gonna be poundin on your door Saturday evening! ;)