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  1. I Recently Purchased Mail Order Bait From A Farm And Bought 1000 Mealworms There Rather Large And Dont Get Much Action. This Is The First Time I Tried This And Doesnt Seem To Work. Now Im Stuck With A Bunch Of Bait. Anyone Else Try This Or Any Suggestions Size Of Bait Etc. Thanks
  2. I am sorry...I guess I dont really understand what you are asking????

  3. You can put the mealworms in a plastic washtub in the basement in some corn meal or flour. Put in a cut potato every in once and a while for water and they will reproduce. I like spikes best for ice fishing!
  4. when ice fishing season starts i like to get a cup of 250 or 500 (2 cups) waxworms from

    you guys ought to try acorn grubs too, theyre free. you just put acorns in a bucket and grubs come out and fall to the bottom of the bucket. bed them in dirt. last year most of them didnt pupate until June/July, but this year im having a lot die on me already and i dont know why. they are about the same size as maggots. now is the time to try this.

    also you can collect goldenrod grubs but they are SO tiny.

    ive never tried mealworms before.
  5. I get my Spikes and bemoths from Jadabait as well... I have been wanting to try the Acorn trick a guy I was fishing beside last year gave me a couple and they worked great! (I order once in the winter, adn once again in late speing early summer)

    Don't know about mealworms? I've never used them, although I do see them at Walmart in the freeze dried packages.. The seemed a bit large to be tipping off my ice jigs with though..

    I would like to find a source for mayfly larvae (wigglers) though, every bait shop around here when you ask for wigglers they give you the hybrid leaf/read worm.. The perch absolutely cannot resist mayfly larvae! They are fragile though, one shot and you're re-baiting!
  6. if you want to try collecting acorn grubs, you have to do it now. you have a few weeks left. as the acorns fall, within a few weeks the grubs crawl out and crawl into the ground, so you have to collect them before they crawl out so you can capture them.

    youll notice sometimes squrrels take a bite out of some and leave them, you can see black material inside the acorn, that is from the grub.

    i like to do this because if ice comes real early and i dont have waxworms ordered, i still have acorn grubs to use. no runnin to the bait store or waiting for an order to come in. i still prefer waxworms though.

    also i guess i get a bit of extra satisfaction out of using something i actually went out and collected on my own without paying someone else.

    good luck if any of you try it.

    heres a pic i took of some the other day:

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  7. thanks, I'll check them out... Also I have my daughter picking up acorns at college this week... hopefully I'll get some bait...