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baiting yotes legal?

Discussion in 'Feral Pig Hunting' started by PRED, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. some guys were discussing weather you can bait coyotes. is there anything in the regs that say you cant? mite be a great way to eliminate a bunch at one time. you guys think a pile of carp would bring them around?
  2. Are you asking because of the conversation on I'm not sure but I think it follows the one week rule.

  3. no i just wondered if it was legal. and i dont know what the one week rule is?
  4. A very similar disscussion is happening on and the person asking is in Indiana. The one week rule says you have to stop baiting a week before deer season starts if you intend to hunt or a week before you intend to hunt, I can't remember which(I'm not a deer hunter and I've never used bait to hunt). I believe this applies to all animals in which there is a designated hunting season(agian I'm not sure though). It should be in the DNR book. I think we had a discussion on this forum last year about neighbor baiting. If your neighbor (who is not a hunter) baits deer just for pictures or whatever and it's close to the property line does it prevent you from hunting on your property because it's very close.
  5. that would be a sticky situation. the law isnt worded for that scenario, so no law broken?

    i see your point with the hunting season issue tossed in there.
  6. You can shoot coyotes year round on private, correct? So there shouldn't be any hunting season issue.
  7. i think it states "with written permission year round". but they also have a season.