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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Jack Ryann, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. I'd like to see Indiana modify their baiting laws to be a little more honest about it, take it more seriously. One of the TV shows my wife likes is North Woods Law so I wind up watching it. Through that I've learned a little more than I care about Maine and the north east game laws. I'm not impressed with much BUT they have serious deer and wild game baiting rules.

    Deer Hunting Prohibitions

    Baiting deer by placing salt, grain, fruit, nuts or other foods or bait known to be attractive to deer, or hunting from an observation stand or blind overlooking such bait, is prohibited from June 1 to December 15. This does not apply to hunting from an observation stand or blind overlooking:

    Standing crops
    Foods that have been left as a result of a natural occurrence or normal agricultural operations

    It is just astounding the numbers of liars, cheats and poachers there are in Indiana and this adaptation would put a clear cut end to this nod and a wink to big box stores sales of feeders and these phony pretenders "feeding the wild life" during the most plentiful natural food seasons of the year. If a deer can't survive September in Indiana with out a corn pile hand out in the Lawrence county woods they deserve to die.

    The thing I like about it is removing the ambiguity and cat and mouse game of "I'm not gonna hunt over it.", "Well my neighbor put that out there.", "That trail doesn't go past my tree stand." "What if I didn't know it was there?" "Can I dump a corn pile on PUBLIC LAND?/ PRIVATE LAND?".

    It's just cut and dried, September to December it's hunting seasons. YOU CAN'T CARRY IT OUT THERE. They are WILD animals, YOU CAN'T FEED THEM. THEY AREN'T PETS. Not just to see them. Not just to "get 'em coming in here". Learn to hunt, not raise zoo animals.

    Now if you are an animal lover lefty, when they are REALLY starving, when they might REALLY need food to survive, when it's REALLY cold, WHEN HUNTING SEASONS ARE OVER, you can carry all the corn and apples you want out there and feed 'em IN JANUARY when hunting seasons are over.

    It's Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec There's a pile of corn, you carried it out here, there's YOUR camera, HERE is your ticket. Clean it up.
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  2. i dont agree with baiting game animals either. fields are another matter. around here its mostly field. if you couldnt hunt the fence rows you would be at a huge disadvantage. i dont think i ever even thought about hunting the piles left by the combine. lol

  3. Agricultural fields have absolutely nothing to do with baiting or baiting laws and more than a persimmon tree.
  4. When I hear or read about hunters baiting or wanting to make baiting legal, it goes to show me and others how little their hunting skill really are. Same goes with hunters who remove their orange when they get to their stand when orange is required (youth season, gun season etc.) and they replace it with camo.
    If the truth was to be told, their are just as many poachers if not more in Indiana then non-poachers.
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  5. I will agree that there are more folks out there knowingly breaking the law and calling it hunting than there should be. The fact of the matter is simple. These people put more value on some perceived reward for the end result and willing to break rules to achieve that result than to do it the right way and accept the consequences of failure......that's pretty sad.....but it's what much of our sporting activities have become. It's about money, and fame and image and ego more than ever before. I have seen it.....I have been tempted by it. Turn on any hunting TV show or open any hunting publication and tell me it's not about image and $$$ any more. Even established professional hunters are cheating...... all for the same reasons.
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  6. Great conversation. There is plenty of natural food for the deer. We picked up a great little lease that we are already going to commit to multiyear on. Trail cams have picked up some real nice deer. Part of the land has a specified woodlot that we call our "sanctuary". We have put a mineral lick in there, that is getting plenty of use. When we freshened it up in August, I told my son, we will not touch this or freshen it up again until hunting season is over. ALSO, we will not hunt within 300 yards of it. If you can't harvest a deer legally, you have no business being in the woods. We have seen plenty of does, fawns, and multiple different bucks.

    Great comment on the orange. Orange is intended to keep you alive. Indiana requires so little orange. When I lived in Georgia, we had a guy in the club that always wore a solid orange coverall in the woods. He was always successful. I don't understand the concept of taking your orange off anyway. I wish everyone a safe and successful hunting season. We are so ready to go out and fling the broadheads. We made our last trip out to make sure stands are secure, and everything is set to go.

    Bring em and fling em.
  7. Baiting must vary a lot by locale. I know a lot of hunters, but I do not know any that bait (legally or illegally) that I know of, and do not see bait while out walking, looking for deer on neighboring properties, etc. I also hunt with my Dad near their home in WV where baiting is legal and unrestricted. The guys on the neighboring property bait but we honestly kill as many deer as they do. Most WV hunters do not bait that we are aware of.
  8. what does wearing orange have to do with ethical hunting? i put orange all around because the neighbor seems more interested in where im at than the deer. i hope it drives him nuts too. lol and anyone else thats looking to see where we are hunting for that matter. poachers love the orange suits, so they know where you are!

    can anyone tell me why you are safe in a natural ground blind with no orange but unsafe in one thats man made? :/ der