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Baseball/ Softball

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by tilesetter, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if any of you guys/gals have any kids in baseball or softball. Try outs just started this past weekend for us and have a boy 9 who is in minors (little league ) and a 7 year old girl in pixies. Seems like practices start earlier every year, but it is a great time to be involved with my kids in sports!

    Once again turkey season and fishing/camping is going to take a back seat to my kids sports,,but should have time to get some hunting and fishin' in!

    Good luck to all who are playing this season,,,,,and dads try not to get kicked outa any
  2. Well hes not my son but very close :) My brother plays ball as a senior here in Noble co. Cant wait tilll end of March!!

  3. got a daughter that plays fast pitch in high school 16yr old she conditions year round for this she wants a college trip out of it i hope she gets it
    i will be playing coed slow pitch this year trying to get back in shape as long as these old bones can take it my son plays soccer 13yr old
    he would rather fish or ride the 4 wheeler and hunt can't complain this keeps them out of trouble and they have good friends
  4. I'm a huge baseball player. We are just highschool practices. I play pitcher and shortstop. My sister is very big into softball. Her team got 4th in the "A" Fastpitch World Series in the 10 & under age level. I guess you could say we're a baseball family.
  5. Im retired from baseball. I played since I was a little tike playing tee ball and continued withit through 5 years of college ball. It was a great career and I look forward to that first warm spring day when it just feels like you should be out throwing a ball around. My sister just finished her Softball career that included 4 years of college softball.
    Id love to get back into it by coaching a high school team somewhere down the road. But for now I just enjoy watching it at every level and teaching fundamentals at as many camps as possible. Good luck to all the little ones out there and to the high school players as well.
  6. My oldest daughter starts her first year in coach pitch softball. She was in T-ball for the past two years.

    My youngest daughter starts her first year of T-ball.

    I'll be coaching T-ball for the second year in a row.

    Good times.:coolgleam
  7. My 9 year old just completed 2 leagues of basketball and will be playing softball for the first time this summer. My 7 year old is going to play coach / pitch, also her first summer of softball. We went and picked out her glove this past weekend and she has been carrying it around. We'll get out this week and start practicing. My oldest wants to wait and color coordinate all her stuff after she finds out the color of her uniform...women!!!
  8. Camo, it goes with anything.
  9. i coached boys baseball for the past 12yrs. my son is now in high school ,this will be my first year of not coaching, kinda missing it already, getting the spring itch, going to try to ease my pain by getting out bass fishing twice as much as i normally do and planting some food plots this spring , i will still spend some time at the ball field just cant resist helping the youngsters to see the look in their eyes when they get that first good hit keeps me young!!!
  10. I have two Grandsons that both play baseball, the oldest is a freshman and will be catching at Northview High School this spring. The youngest says he is giving up baseball this year to concentrate on golf, I have a feeling he will be doing both. My wife and I truly enjoy going to every game that we possibly can.
  11. My two daughters are talking about playing again this year. This year, they are in two different leagues so they will keep us hoppin! I too play slowpitch softball; I coach our Church team and play in Plymouth, South Bend and Mishawaka Mens Leagues. Makes for a busy summer!