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bass lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by psychobubba, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. will try bass lake in the morning :fish: hope we still have some ice :bowdown:
  2. bass lake soft around shore once on 6"black ice .fishing slow out from 9:00 am to 3:00 PM 25 nice gills two rael nice pearch and one 10" crapie but will taste good when put in some beer bater and fryed :woohoo1:

  3. Good Deal - Sounds like a great trip! Are there walleyes stocked in Bass Lake?
  4. dont think so ? was first time fishing that lake will go to loon or silver next time there was 30 guys out there and looked as though they where doing good when we left bass :bonk: always seem like the lake you didnt fish is where the fish are biteing best:fish: :dizzy: lol
  5. Best be careful. I saw a post on another board that a guy broke through on Bass Lake Wed or Thurs night.
  6. Not to sound silly, but where is Bass Lake? I live in Whitley County and don't know which one you mean......
  7. steuben county off hwy.20 it is private lake no public access :mad:
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  8. I thought you were talking about the Starke County Bass lake :bonk: :)
  9. I thought he was talking about Starke County too, and Goggleye i am almost positive there are walleye in that Bass Lake.
  10. The one that is in Starke County is stocked with walleye for at least the last 10 years or so. There are some really decent fish in there considering it pretty much is a sand bowl. I', not sure how much if any natural reproduction is going on in there but I have never caught a one under a pound and a half.
  11. Walleyes in a Lake named after bucketmouths!!!!

    Bass Lake (the one close to Maxinkuckee) does indeed have walleyes in it. I've never fished it, but I hear there are some nice ones in there.
  12. I too thought it was the one in Starke County. Now I understand why you said it had no walleye in it.