Bassin' with the Birdman

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  1. For my fathers day present my (freakin awesome) wife (with trents help) talked Pigeonflier into a taking my Dad and I smallie fishin on the Joe. No small feat when you consider some of the jibberish I've spewed on this site lately.

    First of all let me say that when pigeon says "Cast here" on the St. Joe you better cast there. :bowdown:

    Secondly if you ever have a chance to buy a Shimano Symetre, buy it. Then put it on a St. Croix rod. You won't be sorry. :bowdown:

    Anyway birdman and Cali (his yellow lab) picked my father and I up near the East Race in Downtown South Bend. We hit several different holes all with soft craws and caught smallies consistently wherever we went. I had two smallies come in at 17", my dad had one come in at 17" also. I also grabbed a couple of 16 inchers in the boat. All total we probably put between 25-30 fish smallies in the boat. My dad hooked into a pretty decent turtle (that freaked pigeon out) and one rock. I mean he literally hooked, and reeled in a rock. Not a pebble, not a stone, a rock. I lost one spinning reel. I was reeling the days biggest fish into a pretty stern current when my reel started making a grinding noise. By the time the day was over I have to make three crank turns to get one turn on the spool. It's guts are all over the St. Joe.
    We caught alot of fish. We heard alot of stories (once birdman starts talking its hard to stop him haha). I'd like to thank birdman for taking us out. My father and I had a great time. :grouphug:

    Because I'm out of picture room on my account (Hint Hint Hook a brother up Steve) Pigeon will post the pics from todays events. Thanks again Chris.
  2. That's awesome Jones. Sounds like some decent fish were caught too. Can't beat days like those.... Congrats

  3. Sounds like it was a good day all told, glad to hear it...

    hint hint...photobucket....haha
  4. some pics

    here you guys go...heres the pics of me and one of my old man. Birdman has more pics that he'll put up later.

    heres a couple of the smallies I yanked today
    This is the one that ripped the guts outta my reel
    heres the first decent one my dad pulled

    Had a great time today. Thanks again Pigeon.
  5. Was a awesome trip for me as well,, we boated plenty of 15 and 16".. 2 that were over the 17" mark... Thats live bait fishin... I'll get my photos on in the AM.. Great time for me as well!!!!!
  6. Fishin' with Pigeon...there ain't nothin' like it!
  7. Nice report, Jones and Pigeon! Glad to see guys on here able to get together and make days like that happen. Also glad I didn't have to pay for that bait:yikes: .
  8. Awesome Jonesy....sounds like a blast.

    Glad to see you all kept your shirts on.
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  9. Great job guys! Come on Jonesy smile will ya'!!!
  10. Smile Jones! Smallmouth are fun!!!
  11. Well Quail I told you we need to go up and fish with Pigeon, ALL I CAN SAY IS I TOLD YOU SO. Right Pigeon
  12. Awesome birdman, thanks for posting em. I told you buggers my dad caught a rock!!! You didn't believe me did you? Thats not doctored, thats exactly how he pulled it out of the river. Dang thing ate his crawdad too...