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Be Honest

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DBurris, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Do you hunt to compete with nature or other hunters?

  2. All of the above.

    1. To someday beat the crafty old buck that's given me fits the last two years (be on gaurd next fall you old bugger you)
    2. Bragging rights ( a whole years worth) between my nephew and myself. Last season is the first season I've had the edge up on him. Deer hunting he kicks my tail, but I can out fish him in my sleep!
    3. I don't feel any need to compete with other hunters (nephew not included), but don't like to feel I need to hang my head either.
    (honest Dean, I let the 8 walk and took the does for qdm reasons)
    4. Enjoy the outdoors and time in the woods (hey, this one should be first) !!!
  3. I hunt for the enjoyment I get from doing it. I think for me there is some competition between myself and nature. By that I mean, do I take what I learn each time out and improve on my ability to harvest wild game. It's not always about the harvest but sometimes the challenge of being able to get into position to be close to the game without them being aware, should the opportunity arise. We usually learn more from not harvesting than we do the actual harvest. I don't hunt to compete with other hunters, everyday life is stressful enough.
  4. I cannot explain the feeling I get when the spring dogwoods start to bloom or when the fall air approaches....It has been past down to me from my ancestors. The feeling I get walking through a meadow in the pre-dawn darkness in pursuit of my elusive prey is magical in every sense of the word. I hunt for pure nurishment that my quarry provides. I hunt for the piece that it brings in this ever so troublesome world. The only thing I compete for is hapiness!! ;)
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  5. come on !! duck hunters are competive

    Don't you get pissed when some one else gets all the action . do others with limits of geese day after day bite you in the rear. Deer hunters who parade the bucks around make you steam. Fish cleaning house chatter . We all have heard it seen it maybe feel it
  6. I hunt because I can. I do it for myself and sometimes I enjoy hunting with a friend or two.
  7. I hunt to compete in every sense of the word. I compete against technology and the powers in the world that unknowingly dull my senses. I compete against my own ability to be captivated by a woodpecker, a squirrel chasing another, hearing the honk of canadian geese overhead, thus keeping me from being alert to other things in my immediate surroundings. I compete to maintain a heritage that put the instinct to hunt in me. Everytime i hunt i compete with stress and i always seem to be more relaxed when im 15 feet up in a tree watching the sun fall behind the magnificent colors of the fall foliage. I hunt because i cant think of any place that puts me closer to being exactly who i was meant to be. Yeah we all compete to be happy and to take every adventure into the outdoors as a new lesson or memory; honeing our skills to become better predators. I hunt because it makes me feel right inside... not to compete with a whitetail or joe thats three ridges over. IT just makes me feel like im in exactly the right spot everytime.
  8. Well put brother!!;)

  9. That is a 2 part answer. If I am going where no one goes, then its a nobrainer. But here in South Bend there is only a few choices. Hunt my stretch of the river and you better be on your game, cuase your neighbor will be. I buy all G and H, Big foots, have mojo's on remotes, mudbuddy blind. And all the trimmings. Half the fun of opening day is getting in before everyone else. Have your spread ready before the masses start showing up. Sunlight comes and you have 4 other groups around you. They all remember hunting next to me. Nothing wrong with a little heads up competion.

    Ever hunt Kankakee, you better be ready for competion there. You just have to be a better caller and have more !@#$ than the guy next to you.
  10. I hunt.....

    I hunt to compete against a "representative" animal for the area. When I hunt Colorado for elk I am well aware that my chances for a P&Y animal in the area I hunt is not rreal, so I hunt the best legal bull I can find. I hunt Oknlahoma for Turkey, I know I can find a rio or merriam, leave the easterns alone, I can get them at home. I hunt South Caronlina for whitetail, I'll shoot that bascket 8 point, best area has to offer.

    I had the opportunity to hunt Muskatatuk Refuge this past year, the first deer by was a very nice 1 1/2 year old 8 point, I let him walk. I wouldn't shoot him anywhere else in this State, why would I there?

    I hunt for Joe Bacon, I hunt for mature animals of all species, well except those Texas
  11. I have more, mine is bigger

    Duck and goose hunting is a competition and a blast! That's half the fun in the blind is the ribbing. Deer hunting is different and I agree with all the philosophy. But, most guys would have to admit they are not going hide that trophy away for no one to see but them. If I get a good one, especially with archery equipment, I'll puff up for a week. Admit it!! No reason to hide the fact that you're proud of what you have done. Real hunters will be happy with you and not jealous, anyway. Make that guy on the next ridge compete for a bigger buck than you, then he'll let the little one walk. Whatever it takes.

  12. Eric......buddy......I understand completely what you mean about gloating and showing off the big buck you harvested with a bow...I think all of us can relate to that. The question was why do we hunt?? My answer for that question was given...I know this is probably not what you mean......but I do not take an animals life so I can gloat and brag about it to my buddies..Me, and I am sure others, were just answering the question.....;)
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  13. Hey pigeon

    What do you do? when the guys in the next field believes that they have first right to every goose in the county. They do the scouting get, pay for permission
    and do well. It sounds like I have sour grapes but this guy will go nuts if he sees you kill geese. My partner gets a kick out of playing mind games with him. We have caught this person tresspassing and he insisted that the geese were his to shoot since he got to them first. He and I had a long discussion about his behavior and he put it plain to me "IT WAS NONE OF MY BUISNESS"! He was right until he breaks the law then it is my buisness! How does the possession limit work? Can a single hunter continue to harvest 2 geese a day untill the season is over or is he abusing the limit law?