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Bear photo in Indiana

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by RealtreeHunter, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I just submitted a couple pictures from my trail cams, one is a nice buck and the other is a bear I think. What do you guys think? The pictures are in the photo gallery.
  2. I have read on here where you guys have touched on the subject of bears. Thats the only reason I posted my photo. Im not saying where it was taken, but it was Jackson County.

  3. well, i'd say that's no doubt a bear!
  4. No doubt that looks like a Yogi!
  5. Game Farm

    THERE is a guy in crotherville.IN "JACKSON COUNTY" that has game farm.Maybe it came from there.I have heard of cougars there also BIG cat paws seen !!!!
  6. Seeing that Black Bears do not have enough free range to get up from Tennesse, or down from Michigan, I would tend to think it was a "pet" or from a Farm, or passing Circus. A circus passing through Elkhart several years ago "lost" a big black cat, which to my knowledge was never captured...:coco:
  7. are you going to set out some bait stations? Make it easy to find out exactly what it is then
  8. Sure looks like a bear to me. Put out some bait with the cams and see if you can get more pics of it.
  9. That sure looks like the real McCoy there!!!!!!! Unlike some loon over around Terre Haute who claims to have seen a bear there. Whatever, dude!!!!!!!
  10. All of you are's Dean's girlfriend again. Bait her in with a twenty-piece Chicken McNuggets and a bottle of Southern Comfort.
  11. Realtree I think it is a Realbear and also nice buck. Man trail cams is the way to go. James I think you may be on to something with the Nuggets if you would use tuckey nuggets. HA! Sorry Dean
  12. tree hugger posted a pic his buddy took on a trail cam earlier that looked like a bear.
  13. which section of the photo gallery i can't find it.