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Bears in Indiana??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BowHunter007, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. I had a credible friend of mine say he was in southern Indiana a few years back and saw a bear cub cross the road in front of his car. Has anyone out there ever saw a bear or heard tale of a bear in Indiana?
  2. As a matter of fact. My wife and myself were out looking for deer and turkey one evening a few years back and did see a bear. I had my camera but it did not stick around to let me get a pic. It left in a hurry. Ive always kept this to myself. I didnt want anyone to think I was nuts. But yes my wife and myself did see a black bear in Parke county...

  3. Years ago fishin down at the mouth of the St. Josephs river, there was a tale of a black bear hit on the side of the road, don't know how credible it is though but you never know.
  4. Show 'em, tree...
  5. I know a year or two ago, there were several that were being seen in the boone county, kentucky area.......just across the river from dearborn county Indiana. My buddy did a study in college, and I think some of the last remaining in my area were seen in the 1920's
  6. bears

    i saw a bear cub on 135 between morgantown and nashville,it was about 15 years ago trapped inside a fence at a highway department,we drove down to fruitdale and there was a co parked at the station,i told him he acted like it was common. anyone else seen bears in this area.
  7. I also have a good friend who has seen a "Mountian Lion" in indiana....
    I work w/ this guy, he has hunted out west for years. So his credibility in my eyes is tops...... The sighting was in Clay County! Never seen a bear tho! Also heard of "Timber Wolf" in Indiana as well
  8. bigfoot? anyone
    i know of a black bear being killed around huntington and bluffton area a few years ago
    pets being turned loose
  9. That is probably the reason for most of the sitings of Bears, and cougars, panthers here in Indiana. However, the Chronicle Tribune newspaper in Marion (Grant co.) ran a story back in March / April 06 about a wolf being picked up somewhere around Blackford county that had been tagged and released with a radio collar in Wisconsin. They weren't sure if it had roamed its way this far south, or if it had hitch-hiked in a truck or trailer?
    There are reports in St Joe county of people spotting a rather large black cat (Puma / Panther) feeding in trashcans / dumpsters in St Patrick park?
  10. There were pictures in the Seymour paper taken by someone in a subdivision called Mutton Creek that got 2 pictures on 2 occasions of a black bear in Muscatatuck
  11. Here you go guys. You be the judge. I saw a wolf a few years back while fishing a tournament at Lake Monroe. We were fishing the back of a cove and he stepped out of the edge of the woods and gave us the stare down. Beautiful animal and big.

  12. Interesting photo tree.

    I went back and read the other post to get caught up.

    Did your friend ever scout that area around the camera for prints or sign of any type?

    It certainly raises alot of questions, but it is so tough to try to judge the depth of animal.

    There have been rumors of a "black panther" in noble county for as long as I can remember, some lady called the CO a few years back saying she had shot it...turned out to be a 12 pound housecat...

    But animals that don't want to be seen, won' who knows...
  13. With the way the Colts played today, I'm betting you'll see more and more Bears come February. Seriously though, I wouldn't doubt it....
  14. As The Black Bear Saga Continues, I Am A Reserve Deputy In My County And Having A Good Relationship With The Local Conservation Officers I Have Seen Cow Patties With Prints Along With Pictures Of Black Bears Over Carcasses That The C.o.'s Have Obtained In The Surrounding Areas, That Being Parke County. So I Am A Beleiver!