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Beat the Heat

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Good Lord it's hot out there. I've got 5 bucks for anyone willing to mow my lawn today...any takers?

    How are you guys beating the heat? I'm charging the batteries on the boat, changing oil on the mowers, and sitting in the A/C in between. Taking the wife and kids to a baseball game later tonight, but dread having to mow before hand.

    Let's here the expert advice on how to beat the heat while out in the boat tomorrow. Cooler, lots of ice, plenty of drinking water, a towel to dip in the lake water...
  2. Out on the boat..... Cooler, plenty of ice, lots of Coronas, and I pull the duck blind up and over the boat, then turn the A/c on and fish out of the gun door. :lol:

  3. I wish! I'm hanging out indoors, looking at Cabela's archery magazines and keeping up with the clowns on this site. I'll be fishin' in the dark; bassin' tonight and catfishin' tomorrow night.
  4. I am sitting here at work...checking the web sites...playing the games on solitaire and joking with the other guys at the office.
    I'd rather be wading in a nice cool river smallmouth fishing or in the pool with my kids.
  5. Hangin' inside mostly...cut grass last night when it was a little cooler but not much. May head to the Super Wally later and get the oil changed in my car and browse around in the cool store. Thinking about taking the kids to cool off in a nearby creek...I think they will really enjoy that since they've never done it before. Probably take along my ultralight fishing gear and see if I can't get lucky and catch a smallie, they're supposed to be in there.
  6. whewwwwwww yard's done

    Tree, that creek stompin' sounds like fun!
    I just finished mowing, bet if I'd dip a toe in that creek, the fish would float to the top! It is HOT
  7. finished my yard before 11 this morning. then spent an hour in the pool cleaning and sweaping then took a shower and setting in the a/c
  8. us non-union construction workers are men...I have been in truck all day...thinking ....... do I really need to get out of it! Just got home thinking about what needs to be done and sipping on a cold one!
  9. I got it worse than all of you. I fished from shore on Lake Michigan last night and didn't get a single bite all afternoon in the heat. However this nice boat pulled up in front of me, threw out an anchor and the thing is the first mate wore a two piece black bikini. Not one single bit did I have all afternoon! Have to be crazy to go back out there. I am gonna fry. :coolgleam
  10. Good point Charlie

    Hey Tucker...You're not allowed to wear your bikini tomorrow!!!!!!!

    whew...that could have been ugly!
  11. I thought the gang on this site were fishermen and hunters, WOW was I wrong everyone inside in the A/C when the fish are biting. I can see now that not to many of the gang is tough enough to go with Quail and I fishing. Sissy stay home in the A/C real outdoors guys are out scouting or fishing.
  12. ........and playing golf

    whew.....I thought 7:30 start would help. walked 18 we were done just before noon. As much as I like my beer, not in this heat. Couldnt drink enough water.

    stay hydrated guys and thanks god deer season isnt going on right now!

  13. Went out and walked the woods Thursday evening was enough to tell me to wait until it cools off before doing it again...MAN IT WAS HOT!!!
  14. All of you are right, it's hot out there and there no use taking a chance of being sick or a heart attack so if you don't have to go out, wait till the evening or early morning to do what you do like fishing, scouting or even grilling. OK gang stay cool as possible and take care of your animals making sure they have plenty of COOL water.
  15. Why is it...

    Why is it that the hotter it is outside, the more your kids want to have you do things outside with them? I'm not knocking it, so don't get me wrong...
    Oldest wanted to shoot her bow, so we shot some, the youngest wanted to wash the dogs, so we helped out with that (ok, that involves water and a lot of laughing, doesn't count), then they want to play baseball.
    I know they really just want the house to themselves, and they have an evil plan to kill off Dad in the heat.

    The boat's hitched up, just waiting for 410 to arrive and we'll go play in the heat some more!